Monday, June 4, 2012


Hey what's going on everyone? Once again, it has been a long time since I've been able to find some free time to sit down and write about what's transpired over the past few weeks. I really cannot believe it has almost been three weeks since I left Norfolk and joined Scranton. Let me give you a quick update on what has happened since I've arrived.

I ended up driving twelve hours from Norfolk, Virginia, to Rochester, New York, about three weeks ago to join my new team, the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees. The drive was supposedly only suppose to take about ten hours, but my GPS is the absolute worst and decided to continually take me off the highway and place me on a one lane road through town. I'm still not sure why I kept listening to it, but I figured the stupid machine that was built to guide you from one place to another should know more about the travel plans than I would. I guess I was wrong. Here is a video I sent Laura after driving over two hours from small town to small town somewhere in the middle of Maryland. I am actually surprised how calm I sound because inside I wanted to punch someone.

Anyways, there have only been a few things that stick in my head as I think back over the past few weeks. We just had a Pacific Coast League like travel day four days ago. We had a 4 AM wake up call and 6 AM flight out of Buffalo, New York, to Baltimore, Maryland. We then had a four hour layover until flying from Baltimore to Norfolk, Virginia. After arriving around 2 PM we quickly checked into our hotel and headed to the ballpark to play my former team in a double-header. I'm still not sure who's bright idea it was to schedule a double-header after a ten hour travel day, but it wasn't very bright in my opinion.

To makes things even better, during the four day trip to Norfolk we ended up playing a total of 52 innings. Today's game ended in the 13th inning when both teams had to use position players to pitch the last two innings of the game after both teams had gone through every bullpen pitcher available. The high and low pitch speeds of the inning were officially recorded at 77 and 51 MPH, which is not only awesome but extremely impressive. And, just when you thought things couldn't possible get any worse, I was placed on the seven day disabled list with a hand issue. It is not the same hand that caused me problems the last time, but I have had discomfort in this hand over the past few weeks and am scheduled to receive an MRI tomorrow. I'm starting to realize that with the durability of my hands and wrists and the amount of vowels in my last name I should have been a soccer player.  Hopefully everything is OK and these seven days off will be what I need to get back to feeling OK. We will see.

Lastly, if you are reading this I guess you already figured this out, but I ended up having to change my site to After waking up one morning in Buffalo I realized I never renewed my old address of and someone had already jumped on it and taken it from me. To my surprise I was able to grab which was not available to me a few years ago when I was first putting together my blog. I guess everything happens for a reason.

Well, we are about to pull into our hotel in Durham and I am craving a Cookout burger, so I will talk to everyone later. Take care!


  1. Matt. ,my advice, do a google for a directions, then stick to the main roads. Scranton is pretty easy from just up 81 and I think VA 66 connects.  Sorry I wasn't there to help in advance.

    Good luck with Scranton and the hands,  soccer, great sport, my livelihood for many years.

  2. Ditto what he said! It's such an easy trip! Boring trip, but easy trip!

  3. Thanks a lot! Wish I had done that. Next time lol

  4. My Google Reader feed is smarter than I am. Your blog is continuing to arrive without interruption, yeah! Hope your hand is feeling better!