Saturday, February 18, 2012


We have finally arrived in Sarasota, Florida after driving 26 hours from our home in Massachusetts. Our trip originally consisted of splitting the drive into three days, but after encountering a few unexpected twists, it was completed in only two. The first day we drove about nine hours and stopped just outside of Washington D.C. We planned on driving eight hours the next day and stopping in Savannah, Georgia for the night, but after arriving there around 9 PM we decided we might as well continue driving in hopes of arriving ahead of schedule.

We pulled into Jacksonville, Florida around midnight to find a hotel and get a good nights sleep. After walking into a Holiday Inn Express we were told that every hotel in the Jacksonville area was sold out because of a go-cart event and something to do with an aquarium. We were forced to jump back on the road and drive out of town in search of another hotel. The drive from Jacksonville to Sarasota was still four hours away and I really didn't feel I had the energy to go all the way through after already driving over twelve hours that day.

For the next three hours we called every single hotel in Florida in search of a vacant room and successfully found zero. You probably think I'm joking around when I say this, but we seriously did not find one single hotel that had an open room. Here is the call log I started after leaving Jacksonville around midnight. This is only eight of the sixteen calls I placed, and Laura was simultaneously doing the same thing on her phone. I have never seen an entire state be out of hotels before, but somehow it happened the one night we needed one. Needless to say we drove the four hours and arrived in Sarasota a little after 4 AM.

As fun as it was searching for a hotel for three straight hours, that was not the only excitement I was privileged to along our trip. If any of you have been following my blog for a few years you will remember our first road trip to Spring Training in Peoria, Arizona in 2010. If you don't remember, here is a quick video of what that trip looked like. This is part II of the trip, so if you want to see part I you can find it on YouTube.

Anyways, as you can see, Laura somehow found a way to get us off the main highway and onto a one lane service road in the middle of the state of Texas after I allowed her to drive for three and a half minutes. This time around, while driving through Virginia, I thought it would be a good idea to let her drive once again. As you will see, some things never change.

She somehow managed to get us off the highway and onto a one lane road with a 25 MPH speed limit. I'm all for sight seeing, but when you've already been on the road for ten hours and have more than fifteen remaining the last thing I want to do is check out some good farm land. This is exactly why when divvying up the drive time between the two of us, it goes like this. Four hours for me, ten minutes for Laura, four more hours for me, five minutes for Laura. Have a great day!


  1. Wow, that's some kind of suck. My wife's driving scares the shit out of me - I'm being very serious, she can be a scary driver sometimes. Anyway, I drive everywhere we go and yeah - it kind of blows on long trips. But hey, the adrenaline rush I get every time I think about letting her drive keeps me going.

     Do you (normally) enjoy road trips or drive long distances only when you have to?

  2. I am very glad that you made it there safely.  I hope you tipped for hat at Camden Yards while driving on I-95 south of the McHenry Tunnel.

    Orioles Nation is looking for you to have a great Spring and to win the starting second baseman's job.

    Good luck Matt!

    mike thompson
    baltimore, md.

  3. 4 AM? Your sleep schedule has to be blown to shit at this point. Nevermind the adjustment going from a high of 42 degrees to 78 degrees.

    Uncork the Antosantity. <-This is going to catch on, trust me.

    1. lol, Antosantity.

      Let the t-shirt making commence.

  4. Yes, Antosanity!! Well done.

    Matt, it might be a good idea to plan Laura's drive for her. "Honey, just stay on this highway for 100 miles. No need to get off unless you need a restroom or something like that. If you do, wake me up. Love you. "

    That last line is key, otherwise you'll get some snarky remark in reply ;-)

    Married 27 years. I know stuff.

  5. As my dad would say if my mom makes a mistake or any other woman on the road "stupid women drivers!"
    ps im liking the antosanity

  6. Hey thanks a lot Mike!