Friday, February 24, 2012


I witnessed something yesterday for the first time in my baseball career, so I figured it's only right that I share. I was standing in the outfield grass shagging baseballs during our batting practice session when a home run ball was hit over our left field fence. If you've ever been to our Spring Training complex here in Sarasota you know that beyond the left field fence of one of our practice fields is a main stretch of road where traffic flows about forty MPH in four lanes, two heading north and two heading south. As the ball landed squarely on the road and came to a stop, an oncoming driver thought it was a good idea to slam on their breaks, jump out of their car, and rush through oncoming traffic to retrieve the ball. The guy came about two feet from getting killed by a van that was barely able to swerve out of his way. Standing about one hundred feet away in centerfield I could actually hear the driver of the van scream, "Look out!!!!" out of his open window. I know retrieving home run balls can be exciting and I've seen chaos ensue after home run balls like Barry Bonds' 756th and Derek Jeter's 3000th hit, but risking your life for a $10 ball you can pick up on EBay probably isn't the best idea.

Anyways, after being down here in Sarasota for about a week, we officially had our first team practice of the spring. After going through our yearly physicals we took the field around noon for some bunt defense, fielding, and hitting. Although it felt like it was 100 degrees with 100% humidity after becoming accustomed to the 30 and 40 degree days in the northeast, I survived the day and enjoyed myself. We have about a week or so of practices before our first game on March 5th, so I will start to go a little more in depth over the next few days about some of the things happening on the field. Since it's still only day one of waking up at 6 AM and my body has not yet adapted, it's time for me to hit the hay. I will talk to you later.


  1. I feel like there is a Florida joke in here somewhere. I just looked at it on google earth and I can't believe the roads are that close to that place. I wouldn't drive down that.

  2. I swear some people are just itching to be the next Darwin Award winner.
    Meanwhile, it sounds to me like you've shed your winter coat in the first two days.
    Stay Healthy! Own 2nd, [or Short Stop, or where ever Buck decides to stick you!]