Friday, September 2, 2011


BOOOOOOOO!!!!! I must admit. I've never understood booing. I mean, I guess I kind of get it. A player from your favorite team just screwed up. He struck out, he fumbled, he missed a dunk, he tripped over the blue line, whatever it may be. Now you're pissed and you want him and everybody else to know about it. BOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I guess I just don't understand the objective behind booing. It's not really going to change anything. The guy screwed up. He knows he screwed up. He's the one playing the game. And no matter how mad you are as a fan about what just happened, believe me, he's more upset about it than you are.

We were playing a game a few nights ago in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania against the Iron Pigs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. One of their players missed a fly ball in the first inning and you know happened, the Boos started. I know what you're thinking. "Philly fans booing? No way!" As hard as it is to believe, yes it's true. I heard it with my own two ears. Anyways, when his name was announced over the loud speaker before his first at-bat it happened again. "BOOOOOOOO" As strike three hit the catchers mitt, you guessed it, "BOOOOOO!" Next at-bat same thing. "BOOOOOOO!" His third at-bat, yet again. "BOOOOOO!"

At this point the guy is 0-3 with three strikeouts. Now you know what Benjamin Franklin said about insanity right? He said its doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now I'm no rocket scientist, but if you see the pattern that I'm seeing, I think it's time to try something else. Why not try clapping for him one time? How about you just laugh when he comes to the plate? Scream at him? I don't care if you take your shoe off and throw it towards home plate. Just try anything but booing. It's obviously not working. It's not beneficial for your blood pressure and it sure as hell doesn't seem to be helping his confidence. I'm sorry, but booing isn't going to make someone get a hit. Believe me, if it did, I'd make sure to tell everyone in the stadium to boo the shit out of me every time I stepped to the plate.


  1. Matt, do players even care if they are booed? Don't they just filter it out? Does it impact performance?

  2. Well everybody is different and different players respond a little differently, but in the end players are human so I think it definitely impacts people to a degree. Think if you were booed at work by 40,000 people, I'm sure it would impact you in some way. 

  3. Booing isnt about "changing" anything.  Its just a way for a fan, who often is too wrapped up in the overall success or failure of a team, can express their disappointment over not performing up to their ability.  Casual fans dont boo because they're being entertained.  Serious fans cheer and boo because they're too involved.  I'd rather have serious fans who boo and cheer than St Louis fans who sit quietly all game like they are at church.

    I have no problem booing a bad play, but it ends there.  Continually booing a player time and time again is worthless.  Ive seen it too many times as a Mets fan, where they boo people continually for no reason (Kaz Matsui a few years ago is a perfect example).

  4. I actually can't stand when fans boo players on their  team. It doesn't help any. I rather show my players support. I don't expect a hr or the perfect play all game long, every game, all season long. Shit happens. It's not like players go out there trying to suck at their jobs..everyone is trying. Well...sometimes I do stick pins into my Derek Jeter voodoo doll but that's a whole nother story. Anyways, back to booing. I hate it. I don't see the point of it either. If I got booed everyday at work I would have to punch someone and that could lead to some serious jail time and legal issues for me seeing as I work with kids and animals. I remember when A-Rod joined the Yankees, the guy couldn't do anything right. Booed all the time and I'm sure it just made him think Yankee fans were a bunch of assholes that were not helping his game any. Thankfully for him the booing now belongs to AJ Burnett and Boone Logan.

  5. Booing won't ever help a player, that is why I usually hold a player's close loved one near me in the stands and threaten bodily harm if they under perform.  It is an incentive, you got the game winning hit and you get to see your mom again!

    Are you okay? You had one plate appearance then gone, I thought maybe CALL-UP, but nothing in transactions and 3 or 4 games missed. If you are hurt, tell me who did it and I will go find their mom ;)