Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend. Speaking of weekends, and days in general, I have a quick story about days of the week. Most people don't believe me when I tell them that I usually have no idea what day of the week it is. There has been more than one occasion where I asked someone if today was Tuesday, and they responded with, "Ummm its actually Friday," all while wearing a look on their face that seemed to signify I was a dumb ass. Anyways, yesterday we had a meeting with insurance to help some of us understand what insurance is, and others to understand what kind of coverage our insurance provides. After a few failed jokes attempted by our presenter, she questioned our lack of enthusiasm by saying, "come on guys it's Friday, why aren't you all excited?" The room quickly burst out in laughter, with a few players yelling from the back of the room, "what's Friday?" See, I'm not the only one that doesn't know the days of the week anymore. As baseball players we play seven days a week, so there is no such thing as weekend or weekday. We keep our summers straight with "game days" and the very not so often "off day".

One more quick story about sports. I like to take pride in the fact that I am a pretty good judge of athletic talent, whether we are talking about baseball, football, or arm wrestling. Over the past few years I've done pretty damn well in fantasy football. Some guys in my league would like to argue that fact because I haven't won the "big one" yet, but I still consider Dan Marino and Jim Kelly great friggin' quarterbacks despite their lack of hardware. Anyways, I've decided to take any knowledge of sports I once possessed and throw them down the shitter. Over the past few months I've witnessed my girlfriend destroy me in both my ability to pick football and college basketball winners. A few weeks ago I decided that Ohio State would be my pick to win the NCAA tournament, citing specific reasons like their balanced offense, their dominant big man, their stingy defense, and their weird looking mascot with the enormous head. Laura however had her own strategies. She chose Kentucky to win the title. Her reason was that while visiting the school together last Spring she thought it was a "really pretty place." Well, she's two wins away from the damn trophy and my team has gone home for the Spring. Son of a bitch.

On a closing note, I wanted to answer some email questions I've received over the past few weeks. I am really sorry that I have been slacking with my ability to answer questions within a timely manner since Spring Training started. The video below has five questions that I got to today, and I will be sure to answer everyone else's over the next week or so. I hope everyone enjoys and have a great start to the week.


  1. Thanks so much for answering my questions Matt, really great answers too! I played first and have been on first a lot but never said or had anybody say anything to or from me. But at games, I see players chat back and forth and always wondered what they said to each other. The movies always make it look like smack talk.

    Here is a good way to look at your schedule, perhaps you don't get the awesomeness of Fridays but you also never have to deal with horrible Mondays. 2 days off, is a tease.

  2. Comette4u/ChristineMarch 28, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    Wow! Refreshing to hear that someone else explain the "but-its-not-MY-weekend" scenario. Funny stuff! Yeah, I like the Mailbag segment! Hey, what kind of video cam are you using? It seems pretty reliable. Take it easy and get some rest Big Dog!

  3. I really appreciate the time you take to do your blog despite your busy schedule. I gotta say, I was so pissed when I heard that the Padres cut ties with Kevin Frandsen and now they are looking for someone who has some versatility in the infield in a utility role. You are that dude!!! Anyway, I hope you have a great season and end up catching a first pitch from President Obama in Washington

  4. Haha thanks man! Hopefully they find their guy

  5. Hey thanks...I use a Flip camera...they are awesome

  6. Hahaha very true...thanks again for the questions