Wednesday, March 30, 2011


That was a close call. A few minutes ago I was on the phone with my agent talking about a bunch of different things when my hotel phone started to ring. I've learned over the last month or so of living here that when the hotel phone rings it's never for me. Usually, I'll receive an "hola, Pablo por favor." I'll respond that Pablo doesn't live here and hang up. The phone will ring back two seconds later asking for Pablo again. Now the phone goes unanswered. A few minutes passed before I heard a loud banging on my door. When I opened it up it was a buddy of mine from our team telling me I better get down to the parking lot quick and move my car before it got demolished by a giant street light.

I quickly ran downstairs and was greeted by hurricane like winds and the type of sideways rain Forrest Gump had to deal with during the war in Vietnam. I then saw the street light. It was probably about fifteen to twenty feet high and leaning over onto a tall tree. It was only a matter of minutes before it came crashing down on my car, leaving me with a brand new convertible. Since I've never been a "top down" kind of guy I booked it to my car, started the engine as quick as I could, and slammed on the gas. There was now a crowd of guys standing inside the door leading outside the hotel watching as the wind put the finishing touches on the street light. About two minutes after I finished moving the car the light gave way and came crashing down into my old parking spot. I wish I got the actual crash on camera but I wasn't able to. All I know is it would have destroyed my roof and probably cost thousands of dollars to fix. I did capture two videos, one of the light being held up by the tree, and another after the light had fallen into my parking space. Enjoy.


  1. Haha I know huh

  2. Comette4u/ChristineMarch 30, 2011 at 8:46 PM

    Oh SH#@^&*#T!!!! Glad you answered the door Pablo!!!

  3. First killer african honey killer bees attack and almost kill everybody on your team and now hurricane jaguar rips through.

    I hope you paid a lot of attention to the insurance lady last Friday... stock up. (You are in the lightning capital of the US).

  4. Comette4u/ChristineMarch 31, 2011 at 3:16 AM

    Good advice Tori! I hope Matt heeds the warnings. [Cue suspense-inducing music!]

  5. Hahaha that is funny

  6. This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more
    posts like this? Please tell me, thanks