Thursday, March 17, 2011


Wow! We are already almost a month into Spring Training. As much as it feels like I've put in a ton of work so far this Spring, it still doesn't feel like I've already been here for almost a months worth of workouts. Since arriving on February 23 I've been on the field for either a practice, a game, or both for 23 straight days. My body actually still feels pretty damn good for all the hours I've spent on the field, but the one thing that is getting run down are my eyes. I can't keep these things open past 7 PM. In fact, I'm struggling to get this post published before my head hits the desk. I've received a lot of questions lately about what a day of Spring Training is like, so let me take a quick second to give you a run down of my day. Not everyday will fall exactly like this, but most of them do.

6:30 AM- Alarm clock sounds. Hit snooze
6:35 AM- Alarm clock sounds again. Drop some profanity before shutting alarm off
7:00 AM- Arrive to field to eat breakfast
8:15 AM- Early work- work on either defense, hitting, or base running (sometimes all three)
9:00 AM- Practice starts
11:30 AM- Head into clubhouse for lunch
12:30 PM- Back to field to stretch and prepare for game
1:00 PM- Nine inning game probably against the Houston Astros
4:00 PM- Game is over. Head to weight room for weight lifting session
5:00 PM- Training room to ice any sore muscles. Usually consists of drowning myself in ice tub
5:30 PM- Shower, get dressed, drive to Chic-Fil-A for snack
8:00 PM- Eat dinner
10:00 PM- Goodnight

This is the way my day has pretty much gone for most of the days down here in Florida. We have seventeen more days of camp, so it will continue like this until April 4th when we all break to head to our teams. Every now and then we will play in a night game which throws the normal routine off a bit, but almost everyday is Groundhog Day. For all the people that ask me why I never pick up my phone, haven't been great at answering their emails, or aren't writing as many blog posts, this is mostly why. I say bed time is at 10 PM, but I'm under the covers long before that each night. Once the regular season starts the hours are much better and I'll be back to doing my normal thing. Anyways, I hope everyone has a great St. Patricks Day. It is just about 8 PM and according to my daily schedule it's dinner time. Panda Express here I come! I will talk to everyone later.

P.S, I've always said I would dominate if I were to make an appearance on Dancing With The Stars. Unfortunately, I'm no star, but I can still dream can't I? Anyways, when I show up for DWTS 2023 this is the move that's going to take me to the top.


  1. how are the games going??? hows your hitting? fielding?

  2. Do you keep the same weight training routine during the season or do you trim it down because of the grind of the games? Since you mentioned the Astros,I was wondering if you have seen Yordany Ramirez down there. He made some of the greatest catches I've ever seen at PGE Park. I remember you were there for one of was the game used jersey silent auction game about 2 years ago and someone on the Beavers would have hit a walk off but Ramirez scaled the wall and stole it back

  3. I would say give it all up and run away but luckily you added Chic-Fil-A, so it is surely all worth it. I am suprised whenever I hear pro ball players eating fastfood, I always suspected they ate some green and grey liquid vitamins mix from N.A.S.A. or something.

  4. I just read that Syracuse will be playing Pawtucket at Fenway on Aug 20th! if you are playing for the Nats by then, would it be worth a call down to have a chance to put a dent in the wall? That would be so cool

  5. I'm doing well thanks

  6. I lose a decent amount of weight while out here...and I haven't seen yordany yet but I remember those center fielder I've ever seen

  7. Hahaha minor league players eat a lot of crappy food

  8. Haha that is cool, but I don't think I'd try to get sent down for that if I was up there lol