Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hey everybody! I hope the weather is starting to warm up wherever you are, and you are starting to get that feeling that opening day is right around the corner. The weather down here in Florida has been great with the exception of maybe two days since I've been here. It really reminds me everyday that I and everyone else who voluntarily chooses to live in cold weather climates during the winters are completely nuts. One day I think I'll make Florida my home from December to May, but probably not for a few years down the road.

Over the past few days I believe I may have set some kind of Spring Training record for most innings played/viewed. On Thursday I watched and played in both split squad Major League games. The first one was played at home at 2 PM against the New York Mets. When the game ended a few of us jumped on a bus and drove an hour for our night game against the Houston Astros. Once that game ended we headed back to Viera, arriving home around midnight. The next morning we played an eighteen inning game against Team Italy. A few of my fellow countrymen noticed my last name on the back of my jersey and tried to speak some Italian with me. I think they failed to notice the "Irishness" of my skin and the fact that there was not a very good chance I was from the homeland. Anyways, today we played an intra-squad scrimmage that went twelve innings. I'm no mathematician, but I think that's something like 48 innings in three days. I know it's probably a record for me, and I'll put it up against almost all other Spring Training three day stretches. Tomorrow is back to reality as we are heading to Jupiter, Florida to take on the Florida Marlins at 1 PM, where nine innings is going to feel like a half day of school.

As far as my play goes, over the past few games I've moved around and played a couple different positions while continuing to get use to playing again. I've played my normal position of second base a few innings, played a few as the DH, and played about six innings today back at my old college position of third base. It felt really weird being back at the hot corner, but one thing I really would like to do is get more comfortable at all the infield positions. As far as my hitting goes it's been a work in progress over the past few weeks. I'm still not feeling totally comfortable at the plate like I did last Spring Training, but I didn't expect to walk right back onto a field for the first time in a year and feel like I never left. I know over the next few weeks I will keep working on things and eventually find that comfort zone that I'm looking for.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'm going to head out for some dinner before I hit the hay for another early morning tomorrow. These days really start to fly by when you're up early for ball and back in bed early for the next morning. Talk to you all later!


  1. Comette4u/ChristineMarch 12, 2011 at 8:31 PM

    Whew! That's a lot of innings. They were trying to get you to make up for all the time you were out last season I think!
    I just got back from the Reds/Cubs game at Cashman field. It's the first game of the season for me and it was a great game to watch. I was noticing some of those things you talk about in the Touch'em All vid-casts too.
    Keep on swingin' for the fences!

  2. Hahaha that's funny...thanks!

  3. Bseball Baptism by Fire. Moving you around is a good thing, it means they think you have a capable skillset that many players don't have. It makes you totally dynamic and let's a manager sleep well at night knowing that if they don't have a choice but to call up a 2nd baseman that can't play anywhere else from double-a (static player) they can count on you. I doubt the manager will play you there much but it is awesome for them to have that option in their back pocket.

    I'm digging what the National Orginization is doing with you, stealing, playing 3rd, 2nd... Don't worry about the swing, you're an intelligent and athletic player, it will be there BAM! before you know it. Good Luck!

  4. Haha u should be a GM lol...thanks!

  5. So Matt-you are half Irish and half Italian ?