Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey guys! Right now is probably one of my least favorite parts of the year. It is about a week before I head out for Spring Training, and because I have procrastinated with many of the things that needed to get done before I leave, I am busy doing everything over the next few days. I have to finish painting and fixing my bathroom which was a disaster area, get all my taxes together, bring my car to the shop to fix some dents and scratches, get all my equipment orders placed, finish up my last few lessons with guys, continue to train and hit five times a week, do some interviews for the upcoming season, pack up my car with everything I need for the summer, and about 2,000 other things. I don't know why I wait until the last minute to get everything done each year. It will feel great when everything is done and I'm able to head down south without anymore worries. Anyways, I probably won't write too many times over the next few days just to make sure I get everything done, but once I get down to Florida I will be back to writing a bunch of times each week. Talk to everyone soon!
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