Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Back to the good ole' days. Yesterday I was back on campus at Wake Forest for the first time in around four years and a lot has definitely changed. For one, the baseball field I spent three years playing on has been blown to smithereens, and replaced with a putting green. It was a little sad that the field was no longer there, but the new field that it has been replaced with is amazing. I found myself wishing I attended college six years later than I did. The field, locker room, and batting cages all made me feel like I attended school back in the stone age. I remember wearing cotton shorts small and tight enough to fit my twelve year old sister. Now they are decked out head to toe in more Nike apparel than I've seen since playing professional baseball. Where did I go wrong?

One of my former teammates Grant Achilles is now an assistant coach with the baseball team and was nice enough to take us on a tour to see the new renovations and also introduce us to the new coaching staff, all of whom were great guys. After speaking with the coaches and viewing the facility the future is looking bright for Wake baseball.

Laura was amazed at what school is like down here. We pulled in and the first thing she saw was a girl wearing a prom dress and high heels shoes and a guy wearing slacks, a collared shirt, and a sports coat, and she asked, "where are they going?" I said, "to class." I was probably a little out of place when I used to roll into History in my sweatpants, cutoff sleeves, and sandals, but I was damn comfortable. Another thing we both noticed is, we are really, really old. You know you're an old bastard when you walk onto a college campus and ask, "Is it just me or do college kids look a lot younger than they use to?" I guess I have to accept my role as, "the creepy old guy."

Anyways, we had a great time and would have liked to stay longer, but we had to get back on the road to our final destination of Florida. Below is a quick video I took of campus. I hope everyone enjoys and go Deacs!


  1. Haha yeah that was me...kinda funny lol...Yeah it is a really pretty campus for sure...and that guy did scare me a little haha

  2. The 1st time I felt old at my University (Tel-Aviv university) was when I arrived there with my baby girl. You still have time before being old...

  3. haha that is very true...thanks for making me feel younger lol