Friday, February 25, 2011


Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:30 AM and took the twenty minute drive over to a local hospital to receive my Spring Training physical. Every year before you are allowed to get out on the field you have to go through a list of tests to insure your healthy enough for action. The tests I had to do today are pretty much the same as the ones I've had to do in the past. First you give blood, then you're given a drug test by peeing into a cup. After that you will do your blood pressure, get an EKG done, take a chest x-ray, get your vision tested, and have a sit down meeting with a doctor to go over any past injuries or current ailments. Today's meeting with the doc obviously went a little longer than usual, as I had to explain my last two surgeries and how I'm feeling now. We went over my MRI to make sure nothing is showing up that shouldn't be there and everything checked out fine.

I wasn't allowed to do any on field activities yesterday, just to make sure my hand was 100% ready for action. Our first official practice isn't until tomorrow, but today the infielders went through an informal workout where we stretched out, threw, and fielded ground balls for about thirty minutes. We also performed some of our conditioning tests, including the 300 yards shuttle and the sit-up test. Because I wasn't allowed to do anything I will perform those tests tomorrow. I'll also be able to participate in team practice at that time. It felt really weird to not be allowed to do any baseball activities today, and I kind of felt like a waste of space out there, but sometimes you have to err on the side of caution.

Although I wasn't able to practice with the team, I can already tell I am really going to enjoy getting back on the practice field. All I heard about our organization before I signed with them was that they had a bunch of great people throughout the organization. After meeting most of the managers, coaches, and instructors today I can see why people were saying that. There was a great atmosphere out at practice, and it was only considered an "informal workout." I'm looking forward to tomorrow's first practice.


  1. when do you think you'll start playing in spring training games, matt?

  2. Cool...its running 300 yards in 25 yard increments...pretty much 12 twenty
    five yards runs in a row