Friday, January 14, 2011


Hey guys, how is everyone doing? I haven't been blogging as much lately as I have in the past, and the main culprit has been Call of Duty Black Ops. I usually don't spend a whole lot of time playing video games, but after being convinced by some of my buddies that I need to join the Call of Duty cult, I obliged and purchased a copy. The last few nights have been spent with my XBOX headset present, talking trash to little kids around the globe. I'm actually not really the one talking much trash. These kids obviously don't spend much time doing chores, or anything other than sitting in front of their television sets for days on end playing 1st person shooter games. They are some of the best gamers I've ever seen, and it's really starting to piss me off. I hate the fact that I'll never be as good as these kids, unless I want to dedicate most of my days for the rest of my life to XBOX. I guess I'll just keep being the shitty kid that nobody wants to pick for their school recess dodge ball team. Damn you all.

On Wednesday we received almost fifteen inches of snow. That's the second time in only a few weeks that we have been absolutely crushed with more than a foot of the white stuff. I still can't take my car out, which is horrible in snow, because a lot of parking lots have still not been completely cleared. I learned this the hard way last night after visiting one of my favorite eateries, Outback Steakhouse. The roads have been plowed pretty thoroughly so we decided to take my car out to eat. It wasn't until I entered the parking lot that I realized I had made a big mistake. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to push my rear bumper while Laura took over the wheel. It felt a lot like a scene from Rocky IV where I was training in the Soviet Union before going toe to toe with my arch nemesis Ivan Drago. Pretty embarrassing considering there was probably only an inch of snow in the lot. Lesson learned, don't buy a rear wheel drive vehicle if you live in the northeast.

The NFL football playoffs have officially started and I am super pumped up for tomorrow's showdown between the Pats and Jets. I've never seen so much trash talking revolve around feet in my life. I feel like I'm watching an episode of All My Children every time I turn on ESPN. I do have to say though, one of my all-time favorite press conference was presented by Wes Welker a few days ago. I've never seen Wes publicly make any comments that could be construed as trash talking, but his last press conference was classic. It is pretty impressive that he could go through this whole thing and never once crack a smile. Here is a condensed version of it in case any of you missed it.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend, and go Pats!
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