Monday, January 3, 2011


Hi guys! How is everyone doing today? I hope you all had a great New Year's Day and are excited to get 2011 started off right. I really can't believe that it is already January. I feel like I just got home from Arizona only a few days ago and it's already been more than two months. In less than two months I will be at Spring Training in Florida getting ready for the 2011 season.

I've received a lot of questions lately about what I will be doing for my New Year's resolution. I honestly have never made a New Year's resolution before. I know it's a tradition, but for most things that I want to change I have to do it right on the spot and can never wait until the new year to change it. I guess I am a little anal when it comes to some things. Plus, I feel if I'm making a change just because it's a new year it probably isn't that important to me or I would have changed it already, and I'll probably quit on it after a few days. Here's kind of an example.

One thing that makes me laugh every year, and especially today, is my gym. I do my training at a place called Catz Sports Performance, but every now and then I stop into Planet Fitness to get a quick workout in. On most days I park three spots from the front door, walk in, and jump on the first treadmill I see. But every year on January 1st I pull into the parking lot and can't find a space within a quarter mile of the place. I have to park across town and battle my way through the cold and wind to get inside, where I'm met with a line longer than the one at the Apple Store when a new Iphone has just been released. I'll usually take a week or two off before I decide to head back there for a workout. By about January 20 I'll show back up, park three spots from the door, and jump back on my favorite treadmill. So much for that damn New Year's resolution.

Switching "geahs" for a minute, I was looking through my closet today and saw a few pairs of my favorite sneakers. I don't know what it is about shoes, but I have a few pairs that I think look so nice that I've never wore them. I've decided to have a little fun and have everyone post their coolest pair of sneakers online. Go to my Facebook page here ----> Matt Antonelli Fan Page and upload a picture of your sweetest pair. Here is a pair I'm digging big time. I bought these about a month after the Celtics won the NBA championship in 2008. I still haven't worn them yet.

Send me your pictures of some sick kicks and have a great Tuesday!
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