Monday, January 17, 2011


Have you ever been so confident in something happening that you convince yourself there is no possible way it of not happening? One of those things where there is a better chance of you getting struck by lightning three times, winning the lottery twice, and answering the doorbell for a yellow polka dotted elephant all in the same day. Well the Patriots winning yesterday's game against the hated New York Jets and eventually playing on February 6th in Superbowl XLV was one of those things. I was sure of it. I had already mentally planned for what I would do Superbowl Sunday. What type of snack foods I would buy. Who I would invite over. What team would have the honor of losing to the Patriots as they won their 4th Superbowl in franchise history. And what dance I would do to celebrate it all.

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat and kept asking myself, "Is there really no more football for me for another eight months?" This cannot be! It is too soon! It had to have been a bad dream and nothing more. I didn't mentally prepare myself for watching four other teams play next Sunday and not my beloved Pats. Things ended to abruptly and I think the shock of it all still hasn't worn off yet. The fact that I am sitting here typing this more than twenty four hours later proves that fact. I should have listened to that very fitting old adage, "don't count your chickens before they hatch."

This will be my last statement on the NFL until the draft roles around in April. I now believe, and also hope, that the Green Bay Packers will win this year's Superbowl. Aaron Rodgers seems unstoppable, and I really wouldn't be able to watch either the Jets or Steelers hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Go Cheese!

Now that football is over I will be concentrating very hard on my baseball swing this week. There are a few things that I want to work on as far as my swing is concerned, so I guess all this free time I will now have will serve me well as I continue to prepare myself for Spring Training. I can't believe it is only a little more than a month away before games officially get started. The winter's seem to be going faster and faster each year. I'm looking forward to getting into the nice warm Florida weather and getting the games going!

Well it is starting to get late so I better get going. I hope everyone has a great week back at work and I will talk to you later.

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