Monday, December 27, 2010


Here is how the game is played. The first two people to answer this question correctly will receive a Padres shirt that many of us wear under our uniforms during the season (seen below). You can send your answer to, on Facebook, on Twitter, in the comment section below, or any other way you can think of. If you think a carrier pigeon will get it to me the fastest you can try that. Like I said before, if you would like me to sign the shirt I will, but by no means must you get it signed. Maybe you live in the San Diego area and would like one of my other buddies on the Padres to sign it for you. That would be just fine. Good luck to everyone and let's do this!

In 2007 I played for both the Lake Elsinore Storm of the California League and the San Antonio Missions of the Texas League. The question is, what number did I wear as a member of the Storm, and what number did I wear as a member of the Missions? You must get both numbers right to win the shirt. Remember, it is the first two people to answer correctly, so hurry up!
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