Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hey guys! A few weeks ago I did an interview that covered a bunch of topics around social media, baseball, and life in general. I thought I would through it up here for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy.

What attracted you to twitter?

I really liked the idea of Twitter for a few reasons. Number one, I think it is really cool how fast information is passed and also how many people you can reach in only one quick click of a button. I am able to follow a bunch of really interesting people and hear what they have to say and what they are doing. That is pretty cool. For me personally, it allows me to talk with people all over the world and fans of baseball so easily, it is awesome.

If you had the talent to do ANYTHING except baseball what would you do?

You will probably laugh, but I would want to play in the NFL or NBA. You can probably tell already that I have a weird fascination with sports, but I think it would be awesome to be able to play any professional sport. If I had to pick something other than sports, it would have something to do with business. I would like to run my own company, or work on Wall Street. Not one of the little guys, I'm talking Warren Buffett style lol.

Please choose only one of the following. Neither is not an option.

A) Win the World Series once, entire team free of injuries and trades. However before and after that you're on a team at the bottom of the division.

B) You win the League Championship Series every year but end up losing the World Series in game 7.

I'm going with A. The main reason for playing is to win the World Series. I'd rather win it one time than never win it at all.

What is your favorite baseball moment?

I have a lot of favorite moments in my baseball career so far, and hopefully a lot more to come. Being drafted and given the opportunity to play professional baseball would have to be one of them. Making my Major League debut would definitely be another, along with my first hit and home run of my career.

Since you can name your twitter followers. What will you call them.

Haha, I've never thought of this one before. I'll tweet that out today and see what people think I should do and then I'll get back to you lol.
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