Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hey guys, what's up? I'm back in Massachusetts and have enjoyed being able to start lifting weights and training for the upcoming season. I couldn't believe when I woke up this morning to head to a workout and saw frost on the grass outside. Three days ago I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt in 97 degree weather with super dry air in Arizona. Now I'm wearing a winter hat with a sweatshirt, jeans, and three pairs of socks. Even so, it's still good to be home.

I spent most of today hoping that everyone in the NFL would pass up the opportunity to sign Randy Moss and he would end up right back with the Patriots for the playoff run. I know he must be acting like a complete idiot for the Patriots to deal him away in the middle of the season, and then for the Vikings to cut ties with him after less than a month, but I still love watching him play every Sunday (even if he does jog on 80% of his routes). I just heard he was picked up by the Titans. Seems to make sense for a playoff team trying to make a run that needs to open up some running room for Chris Johnson. Good luck to teams having to deal with CJ, Young, Moss, and Britt. That's a lot of freak athletes.

The next few weeks should be pretty low key around here. I get to hit on November 15 for the first time in more than three months. Pretty amazing when I think about it. Things are feeling pretty good in my wrist, so I'm excited to prove I can hit with no pain for the first time in about two years. If it doesn't work I plan on cutting the hand off and trying out that sweet arm that Arnold uses in The Terminator.

In other news, last night my girlfriend and I, two people extremely lacking in the cooking department, attempted to cook a meal of shrimp, scallops, and vegetables for dinner. I've been working on a diet since eating nothing but take out and fast foot the last three weeks in Arizona. I was actually surprised at how well everything came out. I was sure I'd be up all night throwing up from eating raw seafood. I know it shouldn't be very hard to peel shrimp and place it on the grill, but I'm a beginner so BACK OFF!

Finally, on a more serious note, I've found my new dance for opening day introductions next year. I think if I break this down on my way out to the first base foul line I'm good for at least a three for three day with a jack and five RBI. What do you think?

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