Thursday, October 14, 2010


Matt from California asks:

I've always wondered what a day is like during the off-season for a professional baseball player. Could you go through your normal day from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. Thanks and good luck with your recovery!

Thanks for your question Matt. This is a really interesting questions because a lot of people assume that when I'm not playing baseball during the off-season that I spend all day laying around on the sofa doing nothing. Now I won't lie, the off-season is definitely a lot more relaxing than during the season, and I do have a good amount of time to sit around the house, but I still stay pretty busy throughout the day. I'll give you a typical Monday, lets say in November. I am a creature of habit, so a lot of the things I do on Monday, I will do on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, including eating a lot of the same exact foods. Here we go.

I usually will wake up around 9 AM and head downstairs to eat some breakfast. I will eat two bags of oatmeal, Apple Spice and Cinnamon Swirl. While I eat I will watch some television, almost always SportsCenter and CNBC. When I'm done eating I'll take a quick shower and then throw a bagel into the toaster to eat on my drive to working out. I seriously eat the same thing every Monday through Friday for breakfast, all off-season long. At 10:15 AM I jump in my car with my bagel and a bottle of water and eat while I drive 30 minutes to Needham, Massachusetts for my workout. I will arrive around 10:45, stretching out and using the foam roller for 15 minutes until my workout starts at 11 AM and runs to around 12:30. I'll usually stretch and foam roll again for 15 minutes and then drive home around 1 PM after talking for a few minutes. I always will eat a protein bar or protein shake, depending on how I'm feeling on the drive home.

I'll get home around 1:30 and drink a glass of chocolate milk before I jump in the shower. At 2 PM I'll eat my lunch, usually a turkey sandwich with some Doritos. Every now and then, depending on what I had for dinner the night before, I'll heat up the leftovers and have that for lunch. It is usually always chicken or steak. I'd say I eat the turkey sandwich and Doritos 90% of my lunches. I'll eat while I watch television, again usually SportsCenter and CNBC. At 3PM I'll drive about 10 minutes to an indoor baseball facility where I will hit, throw, and field for about an hour. Usually around 4 PM I'll give a baseball lesson or two until about 6 PM. I'll jump back in my car and head home where I will sit down for dinner, again usually chicken or steak. After dinner I'll head back in the shower and finally take a seat on my sofa around 7 PM.

It's around this time that I will get on my computer and check my email and answer some Twitter replies and Facebook messages. Every other day I'll write a new blog post, or maybe make a video if I'm in the mood. Depending on the night of the week, the Celtics will just be about to start, and I rarely miss a game during the season. After another victory by the C's, I'll grab a snack. I always finish the night with a bowl of cereal, Special K with berries. I'll then probably read a book before I head up to bed around 12 AM. I'll watch some television again while I start to fall asleep. The TV will go off around 1 AM so I can get my eight hours, before I'm back up at 9 AM to get my day going again.

This is almost exactly how my day goes from Monday to Thursday. Obviously there are small things throughout the day that I will do differently, but I'm serious when I say that besides a few very tiny changes, this is how every one of those days goes. The difference with Fridays is that I will usually go out to eat at night, followed by a movie or something else to get me out of the house and enjoy the coming weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are what I consider my off days. I don't really workout, except for the occasional Saturday morning, when I'll run to the gym quickly to do an arms and abs workout. Big Arms, Big Paychecks is still the motto I like to live life by. I suggest you try it out. Sundays are of course dedicated to football.

And that's it. I know you probably think it looks pretty boring, but I use the week to get everything done that will help me improve my baseball skills and the weekends to sit back and relax or go out and enjoy myself. I like keeping a pretty set schedule so I know what I'll be doing or eating in advance. That probably makes me a little weird, but it works for me. I hope this helps you out and answers your question, and thanks again for writing in!
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