Tuesday, October 19, 2010


One of my favorite new hobbies, since I live in a hotel with no car to leave, is to go on Youtube and read the comments to the millions of videos posted daily. I'll find an amazing video of some kid with talent I could never even imagine possessing in a million years, and watch someone write in the comment section, "not impressive, was able to do that when I was four years old." I'll watch a video of Aroldis Chapman of the Cincinnati Reds throwing a 104 MPH fastball and read, "I'm 11 and throw 98." I'll watch Usain Bolt run a 9.69 second 100 yard dash and see, "I ran that in high school, but broke my legs and had to retire." I'll watch a clip of a rainbow colored unicorn that can fly and see, "really not that cool, I have a polka dotted dog that can talk." Now I'm sure there are some very talented people out there that can throw things really hard, run extremely fast, and possess animals with super talents. But on the Internet, and especially Youtube, everyone seems to be wicked awesome. So this, my Youtube friends, is for you.

Other than being amazed by these comments, life is pretty simple these days. I have continued to head over to the complex and get my rehab work done every morning. My wrist is definitely getting better with each passing day, and I'm hoping I can start lifting some weights and maybe even start swinging a bat in the next week or two. In the mean time I'll keep watching Youtube clips, making my own videos to display the true amount of boredom I experience each day, and continue to make sure I don't do anything stupid to slow down the healing of my hand.

Also, I just had a contest on Twitter where I gave the winner a pair of my Nike batting gloves, so if you want in on the next one, follow me at http://www.twitter.com/mattantonelli9
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