Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hey guys what's going on today? I just finished spending about four hours or so over at the field working on my wrist. I've received a bunch of emails lately asking what I've been doing to help my wrist heal and get back to playing again. Each day I basically do the same thing while over there.

They first use an ultrasound machine on me every morning for about ten minutes. You really can't feel anything happening to you while its on, but apparently its breaking up scar tissue around the incision. I then get a message on my scar. This is used to do the same thing as the ultrasound, break up scar tissue and help me with gaining mobility back in my wrist that I lost from the surgery and being immobilized for two weeks in a cast. After this, we go through some joint mobility exercises, where they move my wrist around in all different directions to get some more flexibility, followed by stretching exercises. It is amazing how much better I am moving my wrist around after about seven days of working on it. I am back to about 100% mobility right now. After a few more minutes of this, I'll throw an ice bag on for about twenty minutes, before being able to start stretching, running, and lifting with my lower body. That whole process will take about another two hours or so. And that's it. This has pretty much been my schedule for the last two weeks. I think I have another few days of this before I'm able to move on to some other stuff.

Now onto some other news. If you guys saw my video I made a few days ago, you know that I was talking about UFOs and people calling into the police to report what they saw. If you didn't see the video, here it is so you have an idea what I'm talking about.

If you really don't feel like watching it that's OK, I was pretty much just wondering why people call in and report UFO sightings so frequently. Well, the funny thing is, right after I put up that video my roommate told me that there was a UFO sighting in Richmond, Virginia where his family lives. He had no idea that I had just made a video about my feelings on UFOs, so I thought it was kind of ironic. He said that hundreds of people saw the mysterious flying object, and that many of them called in to report it. A lot of them also filmed the event. We decided to search the internet and see if we could find anything on it. There are actually a good amount of videos of that night on there. Here is one of the videos we found on Youtube.

Now I still don't believe that this is a UFO, but I must say, it does look pretty interesting, and I can see why people would be curious about it. With this being said, I still wouldn't grab my video camera at 2 AM and go video tape it. I still want to know who is up at 2 AM looking up in the sky to see this thing in the first place. Let me know what you guys think of the video, and if we are all doomed.
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