Friday, September 24, 2010


I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who wished me good luck before my surgery and sent me "get well soon" messages after it. I really appreciate the support. After being back home from surgery for two days I decided to make a video letting everyone know what's going on.


  1. I heard laughter was the best medicine and since they didn't operate on any stomach stuff, it was safe. Plus, Hayhurst hasn't posted here for days, so somebody has to pick up the slack.

  2. I find a lot of times nurses are just the overreacting type. For a while I had to get a lot of blood tests, and so I learned I can get a teensy bit lightheaded if they took more than 2 little vials.. but when I told the nurse that she was like freaking out and watching me like a hawk from the first second, even when only one vial was needed. She asked if I was okay about once per 3 seconds.
    I also recall when I had an esophogram done, where you have to drink this glow-in-the-dark X-ray drink, that the nurses and X-ray tech really thought I was going to throw up. I kept saying I wasn't going to.. but one of the nurses went rushing out of the room and came back with a vomit bag. That was a year ago and I still have the vomit bag because she made me take it with me "just in case." I'm no pansy either!

  3. You're a lefty, huh? That automatically makes you awesome.

    You know....that almost sounds like what happened to me when I donated blood for the first time. Only difference was I actually did faint from blood loss, as no one told me I was friggin' ANEMIC!!!

    BTW, as a late 20-something, I'M OFFENDED! LOL!! Here's to a speed and relatively painless recovery, dude.