Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi guys, how are we doing? The last time we talked I was waiting for word from our doctors on whether or not I'll be receiving surgery this week. Well, I just got word that all the doctors are in agreement that surgery is the best option for me, so I'll be going under the knife this Wednesday.

I had a feeling this day was coming for a while now. Back in April I had surgery to repair a broken hamate bone in my left hand. At the time of that surgery we knew that it would be beneficial to get the broken bone taken out, but we weren't 100% convinced that the surgery would totally heal my hand. At the least it would be the first step in a possible two or three step process to get me back on the field playing. This Wednesday should be that last step to get me back out there without any pain.

After receiving an MRI last week we found that there is a ganglion cyst in the side of my hand/wrist that we believe is causing a lot of the pain on the side of my hand. Besides removing the cyst on Wednesday, the doctor will also be able to clean up any other damage that has been done over the past year or so and also make sure I won't have any other problems in the future. I am really excited to get in there and get it back to normal. It has been a long, long six months since I've been able to play and its about time to put all of this injury stuff behind me.

It's really weird because I've been asked by a lot of people over the past year or so why I seem to keep getting injured so much and why can't I get back on the field. The truth is I went almost my entire life without ever being injured or missing any games, and for some reason the last year I've come down with two injuries that have taken a full year of time away from me. Going back a few years, I never missed a high school game in baseball, hockey, or football. I played in 160+ straight games in college. I played my first three seasons of professional baseball without ever being placed on the DL. Then all of a sudden last season I had a knee issue, my hand issue, and I caught the swine flu. Then this year my hand continued to hurt and only got worse to the point where I couldn't play anymore. I know you cannot predict injuries but I feel that once I get this thing fixed I'll be good to go and can put the past two years in the rear view mirror.

Anyways, starting Wednesday I will be in a cast for about two weeks, so I probably won't be doing too much typing on here. I will make a few videos to let everyone know how things are going and how it went with my surgery. I am also planing on doing a trivia give away again in the next few days or so and will let everyone know in a few days what we are going to do. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Hope it goes well and you can heal up quickly!! I'm sure you're ready for this stress to be over!

  2. But what about the clams casino!!?? Damn, now I'm craving some!

  3. All the best to you Matt. Hope you get it right before your window closes. All my Wake Forest buddies thought you would be dominating by now. I temper my expectations as most true Padres fans do, but I was hoping for Chase Utley lite as well. When you do get back to the show my only request is you learn to hit your bat on the plate ala Tito Fuentes and do it before an at bat atleast once. Then you will be a true Padre.

  4. Get well soon, hope everything went good today, go chase that Penguine, it is way to hot for him to just be out walking around,