Friday, September 17, 2010


Hey guys, what's going on around the world today? Times have been a little crazy at my house over the past week or so. I started to get back into shape this past week by running a lot and doing a lot of lower body workouts. I would love to get back to my normal workout routine and start lifting total body, but I still am not sure when I will be able to use my upper body yet, so I have been holding that off until I get a definite answer. This hand is really driving me nuts. I've rested it forever and I still can't tell if it has gotten much better. Over the next day or so I have to make a decision on the path I'm going to take as far as my hand goes, and I'm not really sure which way to go. Let's see what you think.

Right now I am stuck between getting surgery next week to remove a cyst that is in my hand, or not getting surgery. Actually, I take that back. We are not 100% sure that there is definitely a cyst located in the hand. MRIs are not always the easiest thing to read and they are not always 100% correct. One time they will show one thing, and the next time whatever it is that you thought you saw has seemed to disappear. Plus, different doctors will read the same MRI scan completely different. The opinions on the cyst have been mixed by doctors, so I really don't know what to do.

The real question is, do I take a chance and get surgery and hope that it is a cyst that we think we see and are able to remove it and hope the pain goes away? Or, do I start to rehab, lifting weights, and hitting, and hope that there isn't a cyst in my hand and the pain goes away and never returns. I want to get this thing fixed, but obviously I want to be sure about what we are going after in this surgery, because I don't want to get cut open for a second time for something that isn't really there.

Over the next few days we are going to have to decide what exactly we are going to do to try and attack this problem. I believe the doctors will talk tomorrow and see what they think is the best course of action to take. Hopefully whichever way we go is the right way and I can get back out on the field. If not, I'm taking my "running on water" skills and moving to Sweden.

Other than that, I haven't been doing too much lately. I would love to be able to go outside and take some ground balls and swings, but that probably won't happen for a few more weeks. Instead, I'm stuck in my house playing video games, watching movies, and sports. That's the one weird thing about the baseball off season. While I am at home with no job during the days everyone else is off to work, so there isn't anyone to hang out with. Maybe I'll return to my high school and college routes and wash some dishes down at the local dinner, or maybe even bag some groceries at my all-time favorite one-stop shop for everything, Wal-Mart. Actually, I think I'll go play some Madden. Everyone enjoy their weekend!


  1. Well I guess the question is, what are the risks involved with the surgery? What do they have to cut through to possibly get to this possible cyst? Do they have to detach muscles or tendons to get to it? Is there a good chance that the surgery is going to leave you unable to play forever? If it is pretty non-invasive, with minimal risk, do it.
    I think that if you are way past the timeframe for healing on the other surgery and the pain should for the most part be away and it isn't, then they didn't get it. You can't make the mistake of 2009, rest a long time think it is gone and then 4 weeks of play have it come back, you are close to possibly doing that again, in 6 weeks you might feel it gone, go through the offseason and come back to spring training and bam, same issue, then you are in the same position, surgery in April, not able to play for 8 weeks. This is when you want to be healing from a surgery Sept and Oct not April and May.

  2. for me personally I would probably get the surgery. This season for you is shot anyway so why not go for it and see if you can get yourself 100% ready for next year. You wouldn't want to work out all this offseason and think that you are back to 100% to then go full bore next spring and find out that its still fucked up. You also don't want to put something off that may potentially affect next season in the pain pops up in say late November or December. I understand its surgery and such but that is my biggest peeve when a guy goes down for my team and then tries to rehab the injury all off season instead of get the surgery immediately in October and then comes back in March to find out that the rehab didn't work and now they opt for the surgery and now they are gone for an extra 4 months when the healing could have taken place all off season.

    Wasn't the Dr that told you about the cyst supposed to be one of the best around? You don't get a rep like that by being wrong much.

    obviously this is just one fans opinion, take it for what its worth. I would certainly enjoy actually watching you play some baseball next spring.

  3. Tough decision especially from a distant perspective. I think, perhaps, seeing another Doc- Boston has so many - and getting several opinions from different Docs would be helpful. I always like to think that surgery is the last resort.