Friday, August 6, 2010


So here's the question, and the winner will win a game used pair of my Nike cleats that I wore for a few weeks in Spring Training. I can't say that they will smell like roses, but they have been out of commission since March so I think they should be good to go. I will also sign them if you would like, but I won't be upset if you don't want me to. Ok, here's the question. First one to answer it correctly wins and you can send the answers to or in the comments section below. Good luck.

I have had two different numbers since being on the 40 man roster for the San Diego Padres. All you have to do is send me the two numbers I have worn and you win. Hurry up and send them in.


  1. It's 9 and 62, but others have already gotten it. :)

  2. I got pictures of you in 9 and 10...but not winning anyway. Speaking of 10......whats up with Tejada jackin it from you?