Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey guys how are we doing today? I hope everyone is having a good week and enjoys the weekend coming up. Not much is going on around here these days. I'm still not able to do anything that involves baseball or working out so I feel kind of like that bag of wheat bread in the back of the cabinet that you bought to be healthy but instead go for the white bread every time you make a PB & J sandwich and now the wheat break is twelve months expired and you open up the bag finally because you say today is the day you are going to be healthy but when you look at it it has mold all over the place and its hard as a rock so you take it and chuck it in the trash when there's still like twenty slices left. That's kind of what I feel like.

Anyways, I've been getting some requests to talk a little about football and especially fantasy football since most peoples drafts are quickly approaching, so I made a few videos with a friend of mine going over some players we like and dislike this year. We didn't really set up a ranking system or tiers because every site online will do that for you. Instead we just took it as an opportunity to talk football which I definitely love to do. We were using a ranking system by CBS as a comparison. We also got a little off track and ended up talking for 40 minutes so I had to break the videos up a little bit. Hope you enjoy!

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