Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey guys how are we today? I hope everyone had a nice weekend and is all pumped up to get back to work! This weekend I spent it working on my golden skin tone down at the beach. It was the first time I have been to the beach all year, and actually probably the first time I've been there in a few years. I spent the weekend in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island which quickly turned into one of my favorite summer locations in the North East. I had never been there before but spending a few days there turned me into a huge fan. It is a really nice town, kind of reminding me of Cape Cod in a lot of ways. The weather was great which helped out, and I got to visit a few friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.

I was having a great few days until I participated in my fantasy football draft last night. I know I shouldn't complain, but I'm going to complain anyways. It was a twelve team draft consisting of mostly players and a few coaches from our organization. I was told before the draft that it would be a 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR TE DEF and K starting lineup, but somehow it got switched to a 3 WR lineup after I was done drafting. It's the next morning and I'm still upset, but I'll get over it at some point in the next 12 months.

So, my lineup now looks like this. I have Tom Brady "of course" and Jay Cutler at QB, my RB's are Shonn Green, Jonathan Stewart, Chris Beanie Wells, and Matt Forte, my WR's are Randy Moss "of course again", Mike Sims-Walker, Vincent Jackson, and Sidney Rice. This is where I kind of got screwed. Because I thought we only started 2 wide outs I wasted two picks on guys that I could hit big home runs on later in the year. Once I found out that it was 3 wide outs it was two late to draft anymore guys because my bench was full. My TE is Carlson, my K is Rackers, and my DEF is the Saints. If V-Jax or Rice come back at some point I say, Championship!

Now that my fantasy draft is over I don't really have anything to do for the next few weeks. I guess I'll just stare at my roster until opening day. Let me know what you think of my draft. I would have liked a better TE but there were about five of them drafted in the 4th and I didn't feel like taking one until I rounded out my bench a little bit more. By that point they were all gone.

I have two more weeks until I head back out to Arizona to test my hand. I am really looking forward to it because I hate sitting around the house without being able to do anything related to using it. I also have an appointment next week with a hand doctor in Boston to see if he notices anything out of the ordinary with the thing. We will see how that goes.

On a side note, I shaved one of the classiest and well groomed beards in town last night. Actually, it looked like I hadn't showered in a few months, so it had to go. I am not really sure what made me do it. I walked into my bathroom around midnight and just grabbed the razor and started cutting. More than a month of hard work keeping that thing looking beautiful and just like that, it's gone. Maybe I'll try it again this winter.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey guys how are we doing today? I hope everyone is having a good week and enjoys the weekend coming up. Not much is going on around here these days. I'm still not able to do anything that involves baseball or working out so I feel kind of like that bag of wheat bread in the back of the cabinet that you bought to be healthy but instead go for the white bread every time you make a PB & J sandwich and now the wheat break is twelve months expired and you open up the bag finally because you say today is the day you are going to be healthy but when you look at it it has mold all over the place and its hard as a rock so you take it and chuck it in the trash when there's still like twenty slices left. That's kind of what I feel like.

Anyways, I've been getting some requests to talk a little about football and especially fantasy football since most peoples drafts are quickly approaching, so I made a few videos with a friend of mine going over some players we like and dislike this year. We didn't really set up a ranking system or tiers because every site online will do that for you. Instead we just took it as an opportunity to talk football which I definitely love to do. We were using a ranking system by CBS as a comparison. We also got a little off track and ended up talking for 40 minutes so I had to break the videos up a little bit. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Every week I am going to answer a question I received from either Twitter, email, or Formspring. Let me know what you guys would answer. The first question of the week is:

What's the first thing you save from your house in the event of a fire? The car in your garage does not count!

I think I would save my big screen television upstairs so that I will at least be able to move into a buddies house and still enjoy football on Sundays like usual. Man that is kind of sad! Leave your answer in the comment section below. Thanks for playing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Remember back in the day when you were in 1st grade? Everybody loved story time. And everybody loved Mr. Rogers. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a magical trip back in time.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey guys how are we doing? I've received a few emails over the past few days that I am trying to get through so I wanted to throw a video up here answering a few of them. I hope everyone has a good weekend. Not sure just yet what I am going to do over the next few days. Thinking about catching some rays on this already wicked tanned body. There has been a lot of noise about some guys on YouTube that are able to run on water. Check it out if you haven't seen it. I'm thinking about doing some practice tomorrow if it's warm out. Maybe I'll make a video about it if I am successful. We will see how that goes. Good day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello everybody how are we? I've now been home for two days and I've been able to do a few things that I hadn't been able to the previous six months or so. I enjoyed my first night home by spending it in Boston's North End eating some good Italian food. I actually wasn't a big fan of Italian when I was younger, which couldn't have made my grandparents very happy, but as I've gotten a little older I've started craving it more and more. I didn't go with anything too crazy, just a simple fried calamari for an appetizer and a chicken parmigiana and ziti with marinara. Man, it was good! You know, going into Boston for the first time in more than sixth months got me thinking. I think because I'm from here I take the city and everything it has to offer for granted, but it really is a beautiful place, especially this time of year. I guess I'm used to only hanging around here in January when its 20 below and I'm freezing my you know whats off. Last night was warm with a nice breeze and it was awesome to walk around and enjoy the city. Good times.

Yesterday morning I got a work out in for a few hours. As you guys know I am not allowed to lift any weights with my hands, so I did a lower body workout and a lot, and I mean ALOT of running. Don't worry I wore my brace on my hand so we are all good. It felt great to get back at it and start working hard again but my body is definitely feeling it now. It feels kind of like my hamstrings have detached from the bone and my feet spent the day walking on hot coals. I guess that means I finally did something productive, which is a good sign.

Last night I went on a hunt for the new XBOX 360. During last off-season my XBOX received the red ring of death, so I haven't played very many video games in the last six months. I am usually addicted to the thing, but somehow I managed to survive without it. The problem is that Madden 2011 just came out and I am still addicted to football and especially that game. I went to two Best Buys, a Walmart, a Target, and a Game Stop in search of the new system and they were sold out everywhere. I had no idea it was going to be this tough to find a new one. Hopefully today will be my lucky day.

Switching gears a little bit, has anyone watched the first episode of Hard Knocks on HBO featuring the New York Jets? The show, and especially their head coach Rex Ryan, have been getting a lot of attention ever since that episode aired, and it hasn't been a lot of positive attention. I know a lot of people have been shocked at the amount of F-bombs dropped over the first sixty minutes of the show and I was wondering what you guys think about it? For me personally, I don't like the Jets for the simple fact that they are in the Patriots division. I'm hoping they go 0-16 this season, but I can't lie. After watching that episode of Hard Knocks, Rex Ryan might be one of my favorite coaches in the league. I know a lot of people don't like the language he uses and think he's one cocky son of a bitch, but I really like his attitude and I think I'd love to play for the Jets. I know Mother Teresa probably wouldn't have wanted to play linebacker for Rex, but I think as long as the player's don't carry that stuff into more public places like interviews, or in their everyday lives interacting with fans than its all good, and HBO isn't exactly PBS. Let me know what you think!

Other than that I've just been enjoying time around the house with the family and girlfriend. It is definitely nice to be home but I am looking forward to getting healthy again and getting back to Arizona for another two months of baseball! Enjoy your day everyone.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hi guys. I haven't been online in a while because I just arrived in Boston after driving more than forty hours across the country. A lot of people have been emailing me asking what the hell I'm doing back home so I figured I'd take a few minutes and explain what's been going on over the past few days since I didn't have any time to respond over the weekend.

On Thursday I flew out to San Diego to meet with my hand doctor. After speaking with him for a few minutes he decided that things were looking better and he wanted me to continue resting for four more weeks to hopefully get everything healed 100%. The plan right now is to return back to the Arizona in four weeks to begin rehabbing "again" and get ready to play in some games during Instructional League. I know a lot of people aren't really sure what Instructional League is, but it's just a six week league that is reserved for mostly younger players in their first or second year as a professional, a player making a positional change, or a player that missed a lot of time because of an injury. Usually practice runs early in the morning for a few hours followed by a game in the afternoon. I think there are probably about twenty to thirty games during the six weeks.

I'm starting to become a veteran of Instructional League, which I don't think is something you want to happen during your career. I played in 2006 after my first half-season of professional baseball. Then I sort of played again last year after only playing in about fifty games during the year. I wasn't technically in Instructional League, but I was in Arizona and practicing with coaches during those six weeks. Now I return for another fun filled season. I am just hoping that when I do get out there I am fully recovered and never have to worry about this stupid hand again.

Backing up a little bit, after I met with the doctor he told me that I wouldn't be allowed to do anything in the next four weeks. No throwing, no hitting, no catching, no lifting, no picking my nose, nothing. Actually I can still pick my nose with my right hand, but that's beside the point. I have a splint that I am suppose to wear 24/7, but I won't lie, that thing is a pain in the ass. I've been trying to wear it as much as possible but it does get pretty damn sweaty after a while.

Since I'm not allowed to do anything they decided to let me head home to do my resting. That's when I decided I would drive back home on Friday. I woke up at 5 AM and headed out. I broke the trip down into three days. I went 15 or so hours to Oklahoma City the first day, 17 hours to Akron Ohio the second day, and about 10 hours to home on the third day. If there is one thing I can do pretty well, it is drive, and keep driving, and keep driving. I ended up doing the trip by myself which made it a little boring, but I bought one of those books on CD so it could have been lonelier I suppose.

I broke a few world records along the way, at least personal records. I ate McDonalds six times during the trip. I hadn't ate that stuff in almost a year, but I quickly made up for its absence early in the trip. I wasn't in the mood to stop very much, so Burger King and McDonalds became quick friends of mine. Big Mac, 10 piece nugget, large fry, another Big Mac, some more fries, an Oreo Mcflurry, another Big Mac. Man I'm getting sick just thinking about it. I don't want to see the golden arches ever again. I probably gained five pounds during my trip and my stomach still feels like there's a little man living in there and he's kicking my ass. It did speed up my trip though, so the pain was worth it.

I am not really sure what I am going to do over the next four weeks at home. I forgot to ask if XBOX was allowed or not...oops my bad. I think I may be playing a lot of Madden 2011. It is weird being home but not being allowed to lift weights or practice baseball. Those things usually take up most of my day from about 10 AM to 3 or 4PM. Hopefully over the next few days I find a few activities that will take up some of that time or I am predicting four weeks of boringness. Anyways, I think I'll get more in depth about the trip over the next few days and maybe even expand on what really grinded my gears during the trip. I hope everyone has a good Monday and I'll talk to you later.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey guys, how are we? I'm up early today, probably the earliest I've been up in a few months. It's 5:30AM and I'm getting ready to jump in my car and take the 30 minute drive over to the Phoenix Airport for a short one hour flight to San Diego. I'm flying once again on my favorite airline, Southwest, so it should be exciting, especially so early in the morning. I'm heading over to SD to visit the doctor again to see if my shot is working and to find out the plans for the rest of the summer. I am really hoping that this is the last time I will need to fly out and see doctors and we can get back to worrying strictly about playing. I guess we will find out shortly.

Switching gears for a minute, last night I went to dinner with a few friends and we started delving into some interesting discussions. One in particular stuck out, so I wanted to get a few outside opinions on the matter. I'm not really sure how we ended up where we did, but here's a quick outline of the conversation. One of my buddies was talking about President Obama and how he is for sure, no doubt about it, nothing that could change his mind, absolutely certain that the president has ten to twenty identical look-a-likes that are stationed around the country that allow him to be in so many places at one time. So when your watching the Cleveland Indians play the Chicago White Sox and he throws out the first pitch, that's probably not him. Or when you see him at the local grocery store buying some butternut squash on sale, that's probably not him either. Or when he's visiting Asia or South America to discuss politics, that's probably definitely not him. I wish you were there to hear it because it was friggin' hilarious.

Now I'm not going to lie. When he started talking about cloning and look-a-likes I didn't believe a word he said and I just laughed it off. But the more and more he went into it he was actually quite convincing. Now I'm sitting here on my sofa watching TV and I'm wondering how many Obamas there really are in the world. I've got to get to the bottom of this. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, but if anyone knows the current or any former presidents lets figure this shit out!

Well I better run because I don't want to miss this flight. I hope everyone has a good day and if you have any friends in the CIA give them my email. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've received a bunch of emails lately asking me why I decided to write a blog and also how I started with the idea of my "Grind My Gears" videos, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to explain. First off, I didn't really come out with the video ideas myself. I sort of borrowed it from "Family Guy" one of my favorite shows on television. Sorry Peter.

When I started my blog about one year ago I really only did it for one reason. I wanted to have a way to let my family members and friends know what was going on with the season and give them an easy way to see how I was doing in games. I was in Portland, Oregon at the time playing for the Portland Beavers, and being on the total opposite side of the country can make it tough to keep in contact with everyone from back home. The three hour time difference doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you are at the field from 1:00 PM to almost midnight every single day, and flying all over the country about ten times a month it makes things a lot more difficult. I figured a blog would make it easy to communicate no matter what time of day or what city I was in with lots of people at once.

After a few months I noticed the blog began spreading around to people from all over the country. I started receiving emails and letters from people and fans asking me questions and telling me they enjoyed that a professional athlete was blogging. Everyday I found that more and more people were reading the site, which was awesome. The one thing I noticed was that I wasn't getting asked so much about what was happening in baseball games, but I was getting a lot of questions like, "What music do you like? What are some of your hobbies? Did you ever eat your boogers as a kid? Are you afraid of turtles?" Random stuff like that. I realized that people were interested in what goes on outside of the field, not just that you went 1-3 with a double the night before.

It was also cool because I realized I could interact with fans other than just when I was at the field. I know I'm only in the minor leagues and I'm not a star player like some of the great players in the MLB but I still think its cool to have a chance to talk to people and fans from all over the country, especially younger kids. Unfortunately this year hasn't turned out the way I hoped and I've been hurt most of the time. It's given me more free time than I've ever had before and I decided to spend a lot of it interacting with you guys.

With this in mind I started to try and branch out and talk about topics other than baseball and I guess it kind of lead me to where I am today, making fun of people and screaming into a camera. Some people think I'm funny, most people think I'm crazy, but it has still been fun and I appreciate everyone reading and commenting over the past year. Maybe one day I will be playing baseball again and I can spend some time talking about my sport, but until then, you know what really grinds my gears? Let me tell you.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Here's an update on what's going on with my pain in the ass injury...Injuries are stupid...Enjoy.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey guys, I want to thank everyone that participated in the contest today. I received over 200 guesses which is the most for any contest so far. The correct answer to the question is numbers 9 and 10. I was number 9 when I made my Major League Debut and was then changed to number 10 my second season on the 40 man roster. Congratulations to the winner Michelle from California. If you could send me the address you would like me to mail the cleats to and if you would like them to be signed or not that would be great. Once again thanks to everyone who participated and I will grab some other gear over the next week or two so we can have another contest in the coming weeks. Everyone have a great weekend!


So here's the question, and the winner will win a game used pair of my Nike cleats that I wore for a few weeks in Spring Training. I can't say that they will smell like roses, but they have been out of commission since March so I think they should be good to go. I will also sign them if you would like, but I won't be upset if you don't want me to. Ok, here's the question. First one to answer it correctly wins and you can send the answers to or in the comments section below. Good luck.

I have had two different numbers since being on the 40 man roster for the San Diego Padres. All you have to do is send me the two numbers I have worn and you win. Hurry up and send them in.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Did that make you laugh? Well it made me laugh...moving on. How is everyone doing today? Usually in the middle of the week I take a few minutes to let everyone know how things are going with baseball and how I am feeling. Well nothing is happening, so once again...moving on.

My life has taken a sharp right turn towards lazy/boring/I'mgoingcrazyville and I just blew out a tire. It will take about a month to fix. While here I haven't really found anything constructive to do. I've played a lot of video games and read a lot of books. Yesterday while I was at the field to get lower body lift in to make sure I don't wither away to nothing, some of the guys asked me what I've been doing with myself since I can't play. Once the word "reading" came out of my mouth I could instantly see thoughts flying around some of the younger guys heads. "What a geek!" You start to feel really old when you're surrounded by kids that just graduated high school less than a year ago. Funny how baseball makes you feel old at 25.

Other than that I've been watching a lot of the Brett Favre saga. This is worse than being forced to watch General Hospital or "GH" as all the crazy middle aged women call it. (Don't ask me why I know that) Will Brett please tell ESPN what he plans on doing so I don't have to listen to it everyday. On better news, the Boston Celtics just signed Shaquille O'Neal which is awesome. I love the Celtics, and being able to watch another future hall of famer every night will be exciting.

I wish there was more to talk about, but I can't think of anything and I don't want to just ramble on all day about nothing. Actually, too late. I said last week that I will be giving away a pair of my Nike cleats. From the emails I've been getting it seems like people really like game used sporting items, so the cleats are the ones I wore in Spring Training and I will sign them if you would like. I will put the question up either tomorrow or Friday. The first person to answer the question correctly and send it to me by email at mattantonelli9@gmail or on the comment section under the question will win. I wish everyone good luck and I'll talk to you later.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hey what's going on guys? I told everyone I was going to the doctors in San Diego over the weekend and I would let you know what the word was once I got back. Well, now I'm back, but I'm still not 100% sure exactly what the word is. When I went out there we did some tests with big needles. I'm not a fan of needles, but over the past six months I have grown accustomed to them, which has helped to calm my fears. I think I received about six shots on Friday, which has to be some kind of world record. I'm in the process of checking on that one.

Anyways, I received a couple of shots that are supposed to speed the recovery time of my hand, so hopefully they will work at some point in the future. I have another appointment in SD in less than two weeks to see how things are coming along. I will know a lot more about what is going on when that time comes. I'll keep you posted.

Now onto some other news. I'll call this section, "Random Musings." I really don't know what the hell that means, but I think its what you call something when you can't think of a creative title for it.

Over the past few days I've had a few things happen to me that made me stop and take notice. The first one took place in San Diego. I happened to see an IHOP, which is one of my favorite establishments for blueberry pancakes, so I stopped in for a quick meal. When I think of IHOP I think of family, kids, that chocolate chip pancake they make with the smiley face made out of whipped cream, and special, quality time. I was a little disturbed when I looked across the street and saw the "Hustler Club." I have no idea what part of town I was in but I've never seen that next to an IHOP before. Just thought it was interesting.

The second thing that I found interested over the past few days was a letter I received from a fan. If your familiar with my blog you know that I wrote a post about a month ago about how everyone seems to think my name is Mark, or maybe they just like to call me it for shits and giggles. Either way I get called it a lot and I'm not quite sure why. Well, yesterday I opened up some fan mail and one letter was sent to, you guessed it, Mark Antonelli. The weird thing was that my cards were inside, a bunch of Matt Antonelli cards. Interesting.

The last thing that I found interesting was probably the one that made me the most upset. I went to eat at Ra Sushi, another wonderful establishment, last night for dinner. When I was finished eating I went to get in my car to leave and found that someone had parked extremely close next to me. I know from the picture it looks like I parked over the line, but let me explain what really went down. The car to the right of me parked half in my lane and half in his. Because of this I had to park more to the left then I would like, but I managed to stay almost completely in my lane while giving the driver to the right of me plenty of room to get back in his car. For some reason the guy to the left of me really didn't give a damn if I could get in my car. I'm still not sure how he even got out of his car.

When I tried to get into my car it was physically impossible. I ended up having Laura get in the passenger's side door and climb across to the drivers side and reverse it out so I could jump in. I won't lie I was pretty upset. I found some scrap paper that was in my car and a pen and wrote them a message that I left on their window. I don't know why I choose these words but they were the first one's to come to mind.

"Thanks for the room shit for brains."

If this happens to be your car, first, that was not very nice of you. Second, I'm sorry for the letter, but I was upset. Good day.