Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well guys, I've just finished another visit to the doctors office this morning and I must say, as much of a great guy he is, I don't want to see him anymore! I am really sick of seeing training rooms, x-ray labs, and doctor's offices over the past three months. The reason I went to see him today was because a few days ago in practice I took a ball off the bone that I had surgery on and it hurt like hell. I was pretty sure it was nothing serious and I just happened to irritate it badly, but the rehab staff wanted to send me for some quick x-rays to make sure it wasn't anything serious. Turns out everything is fine and the bone is still intact, and it will just set me back a few days from a little bruising and swelling. The symptoms should be totally gone by next week.

For the next few days I will be restricted to icing my hand several times a day and applying a gel called Voltaren to my hand, which I believe it is an anti inflammatory medicine. As far as workouts go, yesterday I got a good workout in with my friends, Mr. Bicycle and Mrs. Elliptical. I always used to make fun of people when I saw them riding the elliptical machines, especially athletes, but I must say they are actually a pretty good workout. I tried one for the first time in my life about a week ago and have spent at least ten minutes a day on it since. I was wrong and I'm sorry if I offended any elliptical fans out there.

As far as things go away from the field, I reached the final four in our World Cup pool, but was knocked out yesterday when my team Uruguay lost to the Netherlands 3-2. I am pretty upset, but then again when I drew Uruguay out of the hat a few weeks ago I never thought they were going to make it this far in the tournament. It still would have been nice to have bragging rights and been able to rub it in everyone's face down here for the next few weeks.

In other news, when Laura and I drove out here for Spring Training in early February we took some videos of our adventure, so I have been trying to put them all together and make a video out of it. I've had some technical difficulties with some of the videos, but if I can figure it all out I might throw up some clips of our travels in a few days. A few of the videos make me laugh, so I'm hoping they will be entertaining to everyone. 45 hours in a car should be enough to put something good together. We will see how that goes.

Other than that, nothing new has been going on around here. I rented the movie "Remember Me" last night out of the Red Box, and it was a pretty entertaining flick. When I first saw commercials for it and the cover of the movie, I thought it was going to be some boring love story that I wouldn't be interested in. It was actually nothing like the way I envisioned it, so I would suggest giving it a shot if you haven't seen it yet. Apparently watching "Eclipse" has really put me in a Robert Pattinson mood. He's actually not too bad.

I hope everyone has a nice week back to work after the long holiday weekend and check out the blog on either Thursday or Friday for some cross the country travel scenes.
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