Thursday, July 29, 2010


So I'm heading back to San Diego, again. This will be my fourth trip to SD to meet with our doctors to discuss my hand and why it hasn't healed the way it was supposed to heal. I am interested to see what happens because it is becoming quite frustrating that I cannot play in games. I've now been in Arizona for four months without playing in games, if you don't count the three innings I played a few days ago. I really want this to be my last trip to the doctors, preferably for the rest of my career, but if that is too much to ask, at least for this season. My flight leaves tomorrow morning and I will return to Peoria tomorrow night, so I will let everyone know how things went on Saturday.

As far as everything else goes there hasn't been too much going on. Every time I think I have an inkling of what may happen, something goes wrong and my plans go up in smoke. I thought that I would be able to play in a few games down here and if I showed I could play without any problems I might be able to get out of here to finish up the season. That plan lasted about an hour. Now I am not sure what is going to happen, and that's not a good feeling.

One thing I do know is that Season 2 of The Jersey Shore starts tonight, and people are starting to scare me with how excited they are. Everywhere I look I see people talking about it, leaving Twitter messages, writing Facebook statuses, or just fist pumping as they walk down the street. I won't lie, although I think it is a completely absurd reality show, just like all the other ones, I will probably be tuning in to see which new grenades end up in the hot tub, how many days Angelina lasts in Miami, how many times Mike makes fun of a girl for her weight, how often Snooki gets rejected by a guy, or how many guys Ronnie punches in the face and knocks out. "That's one shot kid!" Man, who am I kidding I can't wait!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a good day and a lovely weekend. Below is a video of me answering some questions I've received over the past few days. Thanks to those who sent them in and I hope you enjoy.


  1. I hope your hand gets better!

  2. Matt, I'm tellin' you, give the CUPONK a shot. You dont even need to buy the kit, just get a ping pong ball and a cup. You can make bank-shoots all day long at the house or even in the weight room. Show your best shoots and put that shit to music ( Breaking Benjamin should do just fine) and everyone one will be laughing! As far as your hand, just get it working right, get your timing back and make the 25 man roster for next year. Shit like this happens to ball players, look at Brandon Webb, or CY for that matter. Dude pitched in ONE game this year and has been out all season long. No one knows what the hell is going on with him. My point, Shit happens, chalk it up to a missed year and get ready for next season. I don't think anyone has any doubt what you can do for this team when your healthy.

  3. Good luck @ the doctor's office today. I'd let you borrow my hand for the season if I could but it's kind of uncoordinated. As far as an idea for the blog, how bout making a cheezy rap video about your teammates (I'm thinking something along the line of the LT video that came out last year)

  4. This is all I gots for ya, Enjoy and I think the first person's diet is something we all can gain something in at least trying. I will have mine with 30 weight.
    I wish I had something better to say or advice but the frustration you are just feeling now is probably how most people would feel after one week.