Monday, July 12, 2010


Hello everybody! Since the last three months have made me believe I'm related to Bill Murray and haven't been able to escape Punxsutawney Phil, I decided to get the hell out of Dodge and take another road trip, this time to San Diego. It actually wasn't really my idea or even my choice. The doctors out here wanted to check me out to see how my hand was healing and if there was anything else they could do to help it out. Usually when this happens I fly out in the morning, see the doctors in the afternoon, and fly back that night. It might seem like that would be quick, and even make you feel kind of cool like your some kind of important business man like Donald Trump and your making a quick trip over to check on one of your multi-million dollar buildings. But let me assure you, when you get stuck in the middle seat on SouthWest and then get there and have to find a taxi to the hospital, followed by a taxi back to the airport and then grab a middle seat again, its not quite the same as chilling in Trump Tower.

Instead of the usual game plan I decided to see if I could drive out to SD. That may seem stupid, but the way our off day falls it actually allows us almost three days off, so I will be able to spend a full two days and some change in the city, and when you've been in the same apartment for three months doing the same thing every single day, two days in a different city seems pretty exciting.

After driving for a little more than five hours yesterday I am about to head over to see the doc in a few minutes. After that I am not really sure what we will do, but it should definitely be fun, and also relaxing. Below are a few videos of the trip out yesterday and also of a new technique I have been working with to help my hand recover faster. The first part of the video was taken a few days ago, and since we tried that technique my hand has felt a lot better. Not sure if they are directly correlated, but I'll pretend they are, which makes me happy. Anyways, enjoy the videos and enjoy the rest of the day. Thanks!


  1. If your on Highway 8 coming home. Just before you get to the border of AZ and Cali at the sand dunes you can see the border fence between the US and Mexico. 8 runs literally less than half a mile from the border in that area.

    I used to make the run between AZ and San Diego once a month when my mom lived there. XM radio is your best friend on that drive!!

  2. dude you don't have XM in that fancy smancy car of yours :)

  3. That hand wrap you have looks crazy. I bet you get tons of questions/comments about it from people. While you're in SD, you should take the advice you gave me and hit up Donovan's...a good steak always makes an injury feel better

  4. Does "The Home Run Derby" mess up a baseball players swing ?