Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well today, even though it is a Monday. The only jobs I've really had other than playing baseball was at a grocery store back in college and washing dishes at my family's catering business when I was in high school. I am not an expert in the nine to five, Monday through Friday work schedule, but I can remember how listening to a little old lady yell at me for bagging her lasagna next to the butternut squash was a lot tougher to listen to on a Monday than it was on a Friday, when I knew I was only a few hours away from escaping that 7th circle of hell.

I just got back from the doctors and received yet another cortisone shot in my hand. These things really make it tough on the typing for a few days, so I decided to make another video to save my hand some aggravation. Safety first!


  1. Geez I remember telling somebody that it was crazy just how little of a New England accent you didn't have, you've deystroyed it with geeeeeaaaaaasssss. hehehe You did go home recently to be fair. *In your next video say Oregon, I want to see if you can do it*

    I worked at a grocery store when I was younger you know it, Fred Meyers, and as a courtesy clerk and I am always still putting peoples carts away because they are too lazy and too self-centered and to self-absorbed to care about the other people on the planet.

    You know what Grinds My Gears, people with 3 items that think they deserve to get ahead of me in the line of a grocery store, even though we now have this things called Express Lanes for Less than 12 Items. They invented those express lanes so you wouldn't keep pushing me and my niceness to the back of the line!

  2. You know what's sad is that D-bag that was yelling at you probably lives in the same complex. I'm not saying that it's better to anonymously be a jerk-weed but it's so much worse to act like an idiot towards your neighbor and then have to see them on a daily basis. Hope the hand heals soon...the Pads need a bat up there

  3. HabertphotographyJune 15, 2010 at 3:36 AM

    Matt dont fight like Matt Bush

  4. Christine AntonelliJune 15, 2010 at 8:22 AM

    Hi Matt!!! It's MOM....Let's tell everyone right now I do not really sound like that.....Matt is just a really funny had my whole work on the floor with your Walmart issues.......Now, dad has been gone allot these last few days coaching the Prep but I was wondering if there was anyway HE was in AZ and was in that 2nd car in your apartment parking lot.......The guy yelling sounded just like DAD.......DUMB ASS is dad's favorite words!

  5. I was going to say " Are you sure it was'nt your father" but your mother beat me to it. LOL.

  6. Yea,Yea,Yea. We all know that tonite in LA the Lakers are going to whoop some ass.

  7. :D First off, I like the way you say "gears" .
    Second; I know EXACTLY what you're talking about with the walmart parking lot! People are so inconsiderate sometimes! I'm curious as to what people can just leave carts there, I'd love for the people that collect the carts to go to those peoples' jobs and make a mess of it! (The analogy of trash cans to the cart corrals was hilarious)
    Third; My dad always told me that people who yell at you for stupid things like the gate are probably just mad at something else and take out their aggression on you. Like if they had a bad day at work, they can't yell at work so they hold it in until later. If you see him again you should just dilly dally around the gate for a while so he has to wait.
    Hope your hand feels better soon, but keep posting the video blogs! :D

  8. the celtics and lakers game is really a hot topic today and people from the media they just tell a bunch of crappy stuffs just so people will listen to them.

  9. Yeah I hear ya