Wednesday, June 23, 2010


How are we doing today? I wanted to take a day and answer some of the email questions I have been receiving lately, so I threw together a video with five or six questions in it. If you don't have time to watch the video I will give a quick breakdown of the some of the things that appear in the video, kind of like cliff notes.

First off, my hand is starting to feel better each day. I have practiced for five days in a row, and I know that may not seem like a very lot to many people, but when you go more than three months without practicing once, five days feels like an awful lot. I have made it through each practice so far without any interruptions from the hand, which is definitely a good sign. I have not started hitting batting practice yet, but I believe that will start this Saturday. Once that begins I will have a much better idea on how long it will be until I get into a real game.

Next I took some time to answer a few questions. Some of the questions I answered include: How would I feel about changing positions? What type of music do I listen to on my IPOD while working out? What advice do I have for younger kids trying to make it as a baseball player? Why is my baseball glove so small? What drills do I do on a daily basis to keep my skills sharp?

If you guys check out the video it is about fourteen minutes long. I try to do my best at keeping them on the shorter side for you guys, but sometimes my mind likes to wonder. I split the video up into two videos because Youtube can only handle videos up to ten minutes long. I hope you enjoy them and I really appreciate all of the questions. Keep them coming. You can send in your questions to, on my Formspring page at, or on Twitter at I like answering questions as you can tell, and I am a social media connoisseur. Thanks again guys!


  1. I must say the New Eminem is off the hook. It has a great song that pumps you up "Won't Back Down". A great band to listen to that gets you pumped is Breaking Benjamin. That band just gets me do yard work.

  2. You should check out Kid Cudi and Blue Scholar. Neither are really good "workout" music, since both are pretty laid back, but they have some good stuff.
    As for workout music though, you can almost never go wrong with Kiss or ACDC.

  3. Country? And I thought that having to listen to AC-DC and Metallica 24/7 in the gym was horrible, guess not. That is pretty cool that you like good rap, I like the DJ Drama and Lil' Wayne combo, especially Dedication III. Since everybody else is making recommends, Jedi Mind Trick, Violent By Design and History of Violence albums.

    I think I have some cool out of the ordinary questions I can email you. Things that are interesting but nobody would think to ask and are fun to answer.