Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey guys, how are we today? I hope all the dads out there had a nice Father's Day yesterday. I was wondering, do dads really get pumped when Father's Day rolls around? I know my mom probably has a countdown on her calendar at work for Mother's Day starting at 365 and marking off until 0, but I am not so sure my dad even knows the date of Father's Day. I'm sure he is super excited, he just keeps it inside. He can't fool me.

Anyways, I've been back on the field practicing for the last four days and I'm starting to feel like a baseball player again. It's been really nice to get out there and meet a lot of the new players that have shown up over the past week or so, and also practice with a lot of younger players that I've gotten to know over the last year or two. We have a good group of guys down here, or I should say kids, and most of them remind me quite often that I'm 25 and they are 18. It definitely is different being so much older than a lot of the players. In 2008, my first year in Triple-A, I was the youngest player on the team. My roommate at one point was Shawn Wooten, a 36 year old veteran, while I was 23. The one good thing about being a little bit older than a lot of the new guys in town is that I get to help out and teach some things that some of the guys haven't learned yet, and I really like teaching. The bad thing is it reminds me I need to hurry up and get my ass into gear before my cane and wheelchair give me the boot out of the game.

My hand is feeling better each day and I am able to do a little bit more without pain as each practice comes and goes. If I had to guess I will be hitting in batting practice by Thursday. Over the past two days I have hit front toss, which is a coach standing behind a screen about fifteen feet in front of you, flipping you baseballs underhand. When I did this for the first time two days ago the first few baseballs felt like I was hitting large rocks. It felt much better doing so yesterday though, and I am sure today will feel even better than that.

Well now that I got that stuff out of the way, I have some random things I need to take care off. I have a few new things that really "grind my gears", but I am going to save that video for tomorrow or Wednesday. The first thing is that my aunt was asking me how with all the great cooks in my family I can't cook anything worth eating. My family owned a restaurant for probably somewhere around 15 years, and my grandfather, grandmother, dad, and uncle can all cook some pretty legit food, especially Italian. My answer to her was, "why should I learn to cook when I have so many people who want to cook for me." I think that is just being smart personally.

The second thing I wanted to talk about quickly was regarding all the emails and Twitter messages I have received lately. Ever since I've been talking about all the carts that have revolted and are trying to take over the Walmart parking lot, people have been sending me tons of messages telling me to stop going to Walmart and go to Stop and Shop, or Shop and Save, or Save and Stop and Shop and Save Again. Listen, I totally agree with you guys. I always say, "stop complaining and do something about it!" But here is the thing. Sometimes you've got to take the good with the bad and vice versa. It is kind of like watching a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. One of the greatest places to watch a sporting event in the country. You are basically on the field in many of the seats, and the atmosphere is just awesome. But then you get there, and notice that the size of the seats wouldn't be comfortable for your little six year old sister. You try to squeeze in and notice there's only enough room for like 1/3 of your ass cheek, so you let the guy sitting to your left hold the other 2/3 'til the 7th. Then there's a giant green poll in front of you, so the lucky guy on the right of you that thought he escaped without babysitting any part of your backside now has to let you use his shoulder as a headrest. But you know what? No matter how sore your ass is after the game, and no matter how long that pain in your neck takes to go away, next time a buddy says to you, "Hey big guy I gut two paihs a Sox ticks fouh ya fouh da ballgame tonight." Guess what? You are going! This is how I feel about Walmart now. Where else can you get Frosted Flakes for $2.34, pick up a new pair of shorts and matching tank top, grab a bundle pack of shampoo and conditioner, and buy a Big Mac with fries, all in one place! You can't do it. So I'll deal with the carts and you'll enjoy the ball game tonight. Don't forget to wear your padded underwear.


  1. I would have to say the same thing about Wal-Mart. There are so many people out there that can't stand Wal-Mart. I say oh well deal with it. I lived in Santee, Ca, Wal-Mart in San Diego is not aloud to sell food because of the Food Unions. When I moved out here to Pahrump,NV they had a super Wal-Mart. I walked in the place and was in awe! I was like I can Get a three pack of NY steaks for the price of one at Lucky's. I fell in love. Then when I started talking with people out here they were all about boycotting Wal-Mart. They said Small Business had to shut their doors because they could not compeat with the prices of Wal-Mart. Everyone forgot to mention the Jobs Wal-mart brought to this small town. I work for the news station out here and if theres one thing I know, If it weren't for wal-mart, a lot of people would be struggling alot more than they are now. The one bad thing about Wal-Mart and a small town, all the kids are wearing the same clothes. One thing that "Grinds my Gears" about Wal-Mart out here? They Sell St. Louis, Chicago (North and South), NY and Boston MLB stuff out here. Last time I checked San Diego is a hell of a lot closer than to Nevada than The windy city. Let me close by saying that I wish there were a lot more Pro Athletes out there like you. I don't know of another one out there that will respond to everyones questions like you do. Keep up the practice and get your ass back to PETCO ASAP.

  2. Haha...I like the Walmart commentary. I get what you're saying and feel the same way when people bitch at me for drinking Starbucks instead of supporting a local joint. I don't get it. I happen to like the taste of their coffee, that's why I go there. I'll give other independent places a try, but I go with what I like best. I also don't understand why the independent coffee guys think Starbucks is so evil. If it weren't for Starbucks pioneering the whole $3.95 for a cup of coffee, none of these other start-ups would be around.

    One thing that "grinds my gears" is when people act amazed every winter when the days get shorter. "I can't believe how early it's getting dark out!" Really, because it happens every freaking year!

  3. I'll never dis on anybody going to Wal-Mart but I can't handle it, too many wife beaters on beer bellies and I have never seen a larger group of people wearing the Wolves Howling shirts. I think I counted 10 people with that shirt on last time I was there. (Click to see if you haven't seen these.) Also check this out - somebody just goes around taking pictures of scary shoppers at Wal-Mart. It is pretty funny.

    I like to go hang around the lower middle class at Costco where you can buy 6 gallons of mustard and a 4 pack piano.

  4. :D I love Walmart. Unfortunately, the nearest supercenter to me is about a half hour away, but there's still a ton of good stuff. Where else can you buy $2 flip-flops in every color of the rainbow? Plus, I don't have a Stop and Shop or a Save and Stop and Shop and Save again (lol) by me.

    Hope your hand continues to heal up well!

  5. haha Im gonna have to start writing everything down that grinds everyones gears

  6. haha hey Walmart is starting to turn it around...its not the same as it was back in the day...the stores are actually looking a lot nicer inside now

  7. lol thank you...Yeah I've definitely taken advantage of that flip flop deal last year lol

  8. hey thanks man I appreciate it...yeah ive definitely heard those stories about walmart does stink for the small business owners that get put out of business