Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey guys. Life continues as normal in Peoria, Arizona for me. Today will be practice number seven since returning from surgery. I believe I will be allowed to take batting practice tomorrow for the first time since March, which is definitely pretty exciting. I am just interested to see how it is going to feel to hit a pitch thrown to me over ten MPH for the first time in such a long while. I just hit the nine week mark since my surgery and it is really getting close to that time when I should be back out there playing in games again. I can't believe it has been nine weeks and I am still trying to build up the strength in my hand and work through some of the pain. Injuries definitely suck, but I have a greater appreciation now for all the people that come back from them to play. This was considered a "minor" surgery so I can only imagine what "major" surgery must be like. I'm hoping I never have to find out.

Yesterday I did an interview over the phone for The Pulse Network where they are focusing on the change in media over the past few years through social media. It was a pretty cool interview and interesting to see how social media, with Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and so many other programs are really changing the way people consume news and are able to interact with many people that would have been nearly impossible to interact with only a few years ago. Although I am still relatively new to all this and only been using them for about six months or so, it has definitely been fun interacting with so many new people each day. I wanted to thank everyone that reads and writes in and adds to what I do on here. I really appreciate it.

Anyways, I made a video this morning before I ran out to do some errands on a few more things that "grind my gears." I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know if your gears get grinded by any of the these things also.


  1. Good call on youtube comments. Sorry about the groceries, we've done that once or twice before. Get yourself an Iphone, switch phone companies (you can move your ph#). I hate Apple and I am an I.T. Manager, but I love the iPhone.
    Its funny about the horns, because I've had out of state friends that while in Oregon, can't believe how little we use our car horns here.

    So how does the Jag smell? Was meat involved?

  2. I would totally think that you are a Cali kid if you didn't say gears the way you do. And dont get ATT for the iphone...not worth it. ill show you my new verizon phone when I get out there in a couple weeks, if i can sneak out of the gun show and make it to a

  3. Youtube comments:
    There's a load of stupid stuff people do. The one you're talking about is more "trolling" which, is basically either someone who posts off topic or rude stuff to A) piss people off, or B) take the discussion off of the original topic. People will say stuff like "DID HE DIE?" just to confuse people.
    IPhone: My brother has the last one. I guess ATT's reception on the Iphone is pretty terrible. He's not going to bother with this one. Verizon is awesome. I have a blackberry storm and I love it. Do you BBM at all? I just started that and skype, they're probably my favorite blackberry features.

    You winked at like 7:05. Or maybe you just had a twitch. That happens to me all the time. lol. Random I know, but it was cute.

    People that beep their horns like that? UGH. When they do that when a light turns, if there's not a whole line of cars behind them? I go SLOOOOOOOOW.

    And the QOTD: DEFINITELY Scott. Spencer is LEGIT crazy. Heidi left him because of it, his sister doesn't talk to him anymore, Heidi's family hated him. And he got kicked off the Hills and is in anger management class.

    So yeah. That's all I got.

  4. haha you could have had your own blog post there lol...good work

  5. lol I used to have some sweet surfer hair

  6. well verizon i hear is getting the Iphone in 2011 so Im gonna wait for someone escaped the rotten smell...I got lucky

  7. I could have yeah. Well you always ask at the end of your blog for people to answer your questions. I try to do so to the best of my ability. :D
    Soooooooo, yeah. That's all I've got til the next blog you post. Unless you decide to follow me on twitter. Then we can chat back and forth. :P

  8. iPhone is love! I have a friend who waited in line for 17 hours and still got one, now that's dedication.

    Ps. Love the accent!