Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi guys. So over the past few days thing have been rather bland around my neck of the woods. As far as practice has been going I have spent the last few days icing my hand and resting. We have been icing about four times a day and will continue to do that today before letting me get back on the field tomorrow to hit for the first time in about a week. I think the cortisone shot that i received two days ago really did help my hand a lot. The doctor told me that the strength and mobility of my hand was great, but for some reason there is this small area that was inflamed and painful an inch or so above where the actual surgery took place. My hand is a weird one I guess.

Yesterday I was talking with one of our pitchers who is coming off of Tommy John surgery and scheduled to throw his first bullpen in more than a year and a half. We were discussing surgery and how for someone that has never experienced it before it can be rather confusing. This was the first surgery I have ever had in my life, and I was honestly thinking that even though the doctors told me it would be about eight to possibly ten weeks before I would be back playing that I was going to take my cast off after two weeks and be ready to hit the next day. I guess anytime they cut open your body to fix something it is more serious than you think.

Anyways, I heard there was an earthquake towards the end of the game at Petco Park two days ago. Was anyone at the game when it happened? I feel like there has been a lot of earthquakes in southern California over the past few months. Is it usually like this? Being from the east coast I don't really have to worry about natural disasters very much, except for maybe being buried alive by three feet of snow.

I wanted to take a quick minute to answer an email I received about signing cards. This seems to be a popular question so I wanted to share:

I had a question about the process of signing autographs for a company such as Topps/Upper Deck. Do they just send you a big box full of the cards and you mail them back or do you meet with a rep? and how does it feel signing thousandths of autographs at one time?

Different card companies use different methods when it comes to signing baseball cards. A company like Tri-Star will usually send you a package of a few thousand stickers. You will usually be given a designated amount of time, usually around two weeks, to sign all of the stickers and mail the package back to them. Topps works a little bit differently than Tri-Star or some other companies. They will send a representative that brings the actual cards and will meet you wherever you are to sign them. I have signed cards with people from Topps all over the country. They have come out and met me at hotels, my parents old house, my house, the zoo. They actually never came to the zoo, but I'm sure they would if I was there and asked.

Usually they will bring about 5000 cards with them and the signing will take around five to six hours to complete. If my hand had a mind of its own it would definitely kick my ass every time I make it sit through one of these things. Don't get me wrong, I love having the opportunity to sign cards. As a young kid who collected thousands of baseball cards I would have never thought I would actually ever be on one, never mind get a chance to sign them for people. Probably the most interesting part of the whole process is sitting with a complete stranger for that long as you sign the cards. I have met all types of different people and personalities. I've sat with some guys that talk with me the whole time and make the time fly by. I have also had some guys that just sit and stare at me, not talking at all, and only reply to my questions with a, "Yup." You never really know what your going to get when you sit down to do a signing, except for maybe carpal tunnel.

Thanks for the question and keep them coming. I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible. Hopefully after today I will be able to get back on the field tomorrow. Our first game in the Arizona Rookie League starts on Monday. I don't think I will be allowed to play in that game, but hopefully not too long after that I will be back out there playing again! Take care everyone.


  1. Gotta say thats a great line from happy gilmore. Ben Stiller is awesome. So like with these cards, Do they let you keep some of them?, Do they pay you for it?, Or do you just have to deal with a guy that smells like he has not showered in over a week because he been all over the country looking for baseball players for free?

  2. I wasnt at the game with the quake, but felt it at home. Nothing too crazy in my opinion because I have been in SD all my life, but it did scare some people. Heard Latos on the radio today saying he wasnt a big fan of it. Good luck with the recovery, hope to see you out there soon.

  3. I will never complain about signing 100 of our company's christmas cards or birthday cards again.

    Do you ever purposely mess up just one signature? This is awesome, I didn't even know they sold already signed cards let alone the process.

  4. That's cool you used to collect cards...what was your favorite card in your collection? My favorite is still my Kirby Puckett rookie that I got him to sign when the Twins came to Portland to play and exhibition game against the Beavers. I saw him hit a ball off the Oregonian building (over the left field wall and across the street)