Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi guys. I hope everyone had a good weekend. It has been really, really hot out here as usual in Arizona, but I am now at the point where 100 degrees feels like a nice comfortable day. This weekend has pretty much felt similar to the last fifteen or so weekends out here. Baseball, hot weather, no clouds, icing my hand, some more baseball, more ice, more heat, more ice, and sun. I did take a trip to the airport last night to mix things up a little bit and pick up my girlfriend who just flew in from Mass, so that was good.

As far as my hand goes, yesterday I did my normal routine of twenty swings off of the tee and twenty swings in soft toss. That is the schedule they've had me on for the last seven or so days of practice. In reality, forty swings is less than a warm-up if I wasn't coming back from injury, but being hurt it feels more like one hundred swings. Although I am able to swing the bat around 75% this is the way my hand feels for my swings: The first three swings hurt for some reason. The next thirty swings feel a little bit better as each one passes. Once I get over thirty it starts to get a little more sore after each swing. It is kind of like a science project trying to determine how many swings is enough, and how many is too many. I'm not smart enough to figure it all out, so I just follow the instructions of our rehab coordinator. He is much smarter.

The good news about yesterday was that I was allowed to hit batting practice for the first time since the end of the March. The bad news was that my hand didn't feel as good as I was hoping. I made it through the first round of BP pretty well, and was actually surprised at how well I was hitting the ball even though I was only trying to swing around 50-60%. My timing felt pretty good and the ball was coming off of my bat better than expected. After my first round of eight swings I stepped out of the cage to allow the next few guys to hit. For some reason when I stepped back in a few minutes later to take my second round, my hand was in a lot more pain than the first time around. I took my swings pretty cautiously and ended the day after round 2. I think my hand just wasn't used to hitting a ball that was being thrown to me at that speed, since the last three months have only consisted of hitting of a tee, hitting balls that were flipped to me at 3 mph, and playing patty cake. I'm hoping that after resting it both today, and our off day tomorrow, that it will feel ready to give it another try on Tuesday.

Tomorrow I am heading to the doctors for a scheduled check up. The doctor that did my surgery has been seeing me every two weeks or so to make sure that my recovery is going as planned and nothing unexpected has popped up along the way. We will see if the pain I was experiencing yesterday was normal and expected at this point, or if he has any good ideas about what to do to help it out. I will throw a video up tomorrow explaining what he said after our meeting. Maybe if he is the cool dude I think he is he will let me turn the camera on during his talk. We will see.


  1. That is really good to hear, not the ache pain, but the timing and your comfort level with your swing. Like you said, "Just because you are able to hit the ball doesn't automatically mean you can hit the ball."

    That is a pretty cool girlfriend to come out to Arizona from Mass - In June / July. Go down to the paint store and buy her some SPF 2000 house siding paint or she'll explode like a vampire with a broken watch going out for a night on the town at noon.

  2. I wanted to ask you how you adjust to the heat down there? I just got back from an outdoor wedding in Tucson (who the hell plans an outdoor wedding in Tucson in June?!) and the heat was killing me, being from Oregon and all. Do you guys practice in the morning/night? It seems like life in Arizona revolves around going from one air conditioned place to another.

    Thanks for the updates, glad to hear you're hitting live pitching

  3. thanks...yeah she doesn't like the heat very much lol