Saturday, June 5, 2010


Thanks to everyone that sent in their questions. I had my parents answer about ten of them. Apparently my mom has grown out of her soap opera days. She decided to answer via text and not video. Still works, here you go:

Dear Matt's mom,
As a child, did Matt have a favorite stuffed animal,blanket, or action figure that he used to carry around with him? If so, what was it named and does he still travel with it today? Also, what is the most embarrassing thing Matt has done that he doesn't want his teammates to find out about.

As a kid, Matt never had anything that he would really carry around with him. As far as toys, he loved his Ninja Turtles and G.I. Joe's. He would spend hours at a time in his room with his friends playing with those things. The one thing that he always would do as a kid was suck his thumb. We finally got him to stop that around six years old, thank God.

I wish I had some questions but I can't think of anything good, so I just suggest, in order to give Matt a hard time, just show some kiddie pictures while on camera, the ones you are most proud of and the ones that Matt wishes never would see the light of day!

Haha. Here are some pictures of Matt from a young age.

Matt and Mom

Matt and Reggie Jackson after his Dad threatened Reggie to take a picture with him or else. I don't think Mr. Jackson cared very much for the picture.

Matt and his sister. The start of his comb over.

Matt and his sister. Nice smile.

Was Matt a well behaved youngster, or did he get into trouble?

Matt was an extremely well behaved kid. All he wanted to do was play sports, which really kept him busy throughout most of his childhood and out of any trouble.

How much money did you invest in baseball for Matt over his years growing up? (travel ball, equipment, etc.)

We did spend a lot of money on baseball and hockey growing up. Matt played on travel teams for both hockey and baseball for most of his childhood. Although it did cost a lot of money, Matt really loved playing for those teams and got more than any of us could have ever imagined out of it.

What was your proudest moment of him as a child?

This is a tough question. There were many moments of his childhood that we were very proud of him. One moment that comes to mind is when he graduated pre-school. I am not sure why this stands out in my mind. He was just so cute in his little white hat.

Was Matt interested in baseball on his own, or did you encourage him to play?

Well, Matt loved all sports as a kid and still does today. He played everything from baseball, to hockey, football, basketball, tennis, soccer, and probably a few more I can't even think of. His dad was definitely a huge baseball fan so I am sure that rubbed off a little bit.

What was the strangest thing Matt ever wanted to be for Halloween?

When Matt was around eight years old he dressed up as a vampire, but he fainted from the smell of the face paint. I guess he doesn't take well to paint. Halloween ended without any candy that year.

What was the most unusual present Matt ever gave you?

Matt bought me a new car after he was drafted. That was definitely a big surprise.

What was the strangest thing Matt ever asked for as a gift?

The strangest thing was probably when we asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said, "nothing, I don't need any presents." You usually don't hear that from kids very much.

Thanks for every one's questions!


  1. Hahaha, love the outfit in the last picture! Your mom is a good sport for answering these questions for us...please tell her thank you

  2. Tell your mom thanks for answering all the questions, especially mine!

  3. You weren't ugly as a child, you just were happy on a level of 30 while the rest of us were at about a level 8. These picture are too cute, your mom made great choices. I wish Reggie saw that picture and how much of a jerk he looks like. Your mom is also a nice person because if given a chance, my mom would have automatically grabbed first bath and first prom.

    A car as a gift. You know you've done well as a mom when your son gets you a car and you know your son is a good person when he gives you something like that. Awesome!