Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So yesterday was my first time back at practice with an actual team, and not just in the corner all by myself. It felt weird to take part in a team stretch where there were five or six lines of four people in each. It kind of felt like I was a baseball player again. Well, almost. I took part in stretch and then was able to play catch for the first time in a very long time. My hand felt surprisingly pretty good, and my arm felt strong as ever. Today, not so much. I think I got a little overly excited and threw a few balls a little harder than I should of being my first day back. I'll be fine though. As far as the catching goes, I didn't feel too much pain with many of my movements. Every now and then I would turn my hand in a position that it didn't agree with, but overall I'd say I passed the test.

After throwing for about fifteen minutes I was able to hit a baseball for the first time in two months. Over the past week or so I was allowed to swing a bat, just not hit anything with it. Yesterday I was allowed to take ten swings off the tee. I know ten doesn't sound like many at all, but we are taking baby steps here. Plus, a Major League baseball weighs five ounces. After coming back from hamate surgery and hitting a ball for the first time, it feels more like five pounds. It was pretty crazy how weird it felt to make contact. After my ten swings were done, I had the privilege of playing "ball boy" for all the fully healthy players for about thirty minutes before taking it in to rehab and get a lift in. Overall the day went well, and I hope to keep making progress over the next few days as we increase the workload.

Before I rap things up I need to make a quick comment about Stephen Strasburg, since the entire baseball world was watching his every move last night. On a usual day, our training room is filled with five or six guys doing our usual rehab work. Last night we put on the Nationals game to watch Strasburg's Debut, and before you knew it, the room was packed with thirty or so guys cramming in a few minutes before practice started to catch a quick glimpse. I must say it was a pretty impressive showing, not only because he is a rookie, but it was his first time stepping onto a big league field. It was funny how every time he would throw a curve ball, or a change-up at 91, or a high heater at 99 the room would fill with, "Ohhhhh," or "Ahhhhh" or a bunch of laughs. There was an awful lot of pressure on the guy and he still did unbelievably well. So, good for him.

As I said a last week, I have been slacking a little bit when it comes to answering my email questions. Below is a video of me answering some questions so I can start to catch up and get back on track with my email. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Good to hear that you got a bat in your hand now, and throwing the ball. Just one question for you (or maybe two) How is the draft pick Tate from last year doing? Can he hit the ball well? I know or team needs some outfield help, and a good bat would be a plus. One last thing, The Celtics bench just kicked some ass last night. I don't like to see the lakers lose, but damn the last couple of minutes of game four was awesome. Till next time, DAN