Monday, May 3, 2010


Hi guys. It is still very hard for me to type so I made another video to keep you up to date with my progress. Thanks for watching!

Below is a CT Scan of my bone prior to surgery. Although it is a little blurry thanks to my camera you can see the crack towards the left side of the bone.


  1. Only 8 more days, that's not bad at all! When I saw a plaster cast I thought 3-4 weeks for sure.

    Have you fashioned together your scratchin' stick yet?

  2. Plus you have the Bruins/Flyers coming up tonight. Have you seen the Satan shirt they have on Sully's Tees? It's is the link:

  3. Hope you have plenty of Vicodin. If you don't, I have extras..don't ask how I got 'em. ha. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Feel better man!