Monday, May 24, 2010


Today I am heading over to Scottsdale, Arizona for a meeting with my doctor who performed my hand surgery. It has now been twenty-four days since I received my surgery and I have been out of my cast for two weeks. Over the past ten days or so I have been doing different types of exercises to strengthen and stretch my hand and forearms. I will find out today how well the recovery has been going, if I am on time, ahead of schedule, or not healing as quickly as anticipated. Speaking with our rehab coordinator it sounds like everything is healing the way it should be, but I will get the official word today whether or not I can start to swing a bat again soon.

Here is a picture of my hand I took today. It wouldn't win any beauty pageants, but it looks a lot better than it did only one week ago.

Also, don't forget about the contest tomorrow. Winner receives a pair of new Nike batting gloves.


  1. Mat when u coming to portland cause we really need ur bat in the line up and glove on the field cause kazmar is a better at short then second base and this lance kid can't hit so yeah we need u matt

  2. OMG.. Take care Matt... I want to back to field u.