Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, yesterday I received some bad news from our training staff. Before I tell you what they said, let me explain what happened. This past Thursday I took a quick morning flight out to San Diego to get a cortisone shot in my hand. I jumped on a plane around 11 AM and took the short hour flight over to San Diego. I hopped in a cab and drove twenty minutes to see our team doctor so he could check out the hand and see exactly what the problem could be. We talked for a little while as he pushed around on my hand trying to diagnose it. He decided a shot would be the best thing for it. After about a thirty minute meeting with him I jumped back in the taxi and headed for the airport. I jumped back on the plane and flew back to Phoenix for the reminder of Spring Training. As much as I don't really look forward to flying, I felt like some important business man for the day, kind of like Donald Trump, expect with better hair. I'm just playing. I love The Donald. You're Fired!!!

For some reason I have been experiencing pain in my left hand on and off since last season and I haven't been able to figure out the source of the problem. Last year I missed a week of play because of it, and when I came back to play I had to try and play through the pain for the rest of the season. I came into Spring Training thinking that the off-season rest was good enough to heal my hand, but for some reason the pain started to come back about two weeks ago. I am hoping this shot will calm down whatever the problem is and I won't have to worry about it ever again.

I am still not exactly sure how much time I will miss because of the injury. From what the doctors say it sounds like it is nothing really serious, just some inflammation inside my hand that should be fine with rest. I am hoping in the next few days when I pick a bat up again the pain will be gone and I will be ready to roll for the season. As far as where we stand today, I am going to miss opening day but hopefully will be back after a few games or so. I know that my hand is feeling better today and hopefully in a few more days the pain will be gone. I will keep everyone updated this week with my progress and how things are going. Man I hate injuries.

It is never fun to miss time because of an injury, especially when you have to miss opening day because of it. Below is my reaction when the doctor told me I wasn't going to be heading up to Portland on Sunday to get ready for our first game.


  1. Opening day will not be the same without you, except the same as last year without you, so I guess it might be same but definetly not the same as '08.
    Well this is a real bummer for everybody except perhaps for the Rivercats. Stupid Rivercats, stupid injuries, stupid hands...

    So you won't even be in Portland or at the game, you are going to be sticking around the trainers in San Diego? (If so you are lucky, the weather here sucks).

  2. No i won't be in Portland for a little while. I will be in Peoria, AZ working on my hand. Hopefully be back soon.

  3. Dang, Matt. Sorry to hear about the hand. I hope you can swing the stick in Portland very soon.

  4. Thanks dude I should be ok soon