Monday, April 12, 2010


This section was inspired by one of my twitter followers a few days ago. I really like the idea and I appreciate the recommendation. Since not a ton of people who read this know me very well off the field I will take a quick minute once a week to help educated you by giving a random fact about me. I will try to keep every fact unrelated to baseball. Here we go:

The first thing you should know about me is that I am the pickiest eater you will ever meet. Actually, I'm not just a picky eater, I'm an extremely weird eater. As a young kid, I was a nightmare to all of my friend's parents who couldn't stand cooking for me when I was over for dinner. Now I'm a nightmare for friends who want to meet up at a restaurant. Here's a quick rundown of my weirdness. I hate tomatoes, but love ketchup and salsa. I hate cheese, but love pizza and cheese fries. I really hate eggs. Not only can I not eat them, but I can't even look at or smell scrambled eggs without getting sick. My family owned an Italian Restaurant for over twenty years and people rave about their pasta sauce, but I prefer Stop and Shop's jarred sauce. My grandmother wants to slap me every time I turn down her homemade pasta. Not only that, but I don't really like Italian food in general. I hate any kind of fish. I don't like sweets, like cakes, pies, or candy bars, especially chocolate. For Christmas dinner we cook an elaborate Italian meal, but they order me Chinese food. I don't know why I am like this. Believe me, I would love to be able to eat more food than I do. It is a pain in the ass to order the same thing every time I go out to eat. My meals have all consisted of meat and potatoes since the time I was five. They say your taste buds change every seven years or so. Mine seem to be the only ones that don't change.

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