Sunday, April 4, 2010


I want to wish everyone a very happy Easter today. I am really missing my Easter dinner that I usually have at home. I think this is the 8th year in a row I will be on the road and not be home to celebrate. It is really crazy because it feels like only a few months ago that I was back home to eat my Grandmother's good cooking. I hope everyone enjoys the day with family and good food.

On a side note, I am looking for a new name for my blog and I wanted to ask for your help. "The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli" was good to start with, but I am interested to try some new names, something a little more creative. Let me know if you have any good ideas.

Also, I am looking for some new concepts to add a little bit of flavor to the blog. Let me know if you guys have any good ideas. I will really listen to anything. I appreciate all the help and hopefully we can come up with some cool new ideas! Thanks!


  1. You play in Portland and hopefully will move to SD. You are originally from the place we don't like. So what is it that you call home?

  2. Hey, Matt. Read that your hand is hurting. Is it going to keep you from playing in the opener in Portland? As for the title, how about "The 'Second' Story Of Matt Antonelli."

  3. Happy Easter! Good luck this year. I can't wait to see you in San Diego soon.

    Blog Names:
    -Peabody to PETCO, and Everything in Between
    -Don't Call it a Comeback
    -The Life of a Ballplayer

  4. I like the Peabody to PETCO idea

  5. I'm bored and nobody was hitting it to me today so here ya go, comedy included.

    An E3 is not me - A Matt Antonelli blog
    Turning 2 the blog of Matt Antonelli
    Swinging for the gap
    Grab your mitt
    And Antonelli at 2nd
    Playing where they tell me to and blogging it to you.

    "I shit double plays bigger than you!" A motherfu#^in' Blog by the Motherfu$@in' Matt Daddy!

    "scoring touchdowns in hockey at 2nd Base"

    "Ladies, seriously I'm taken, she's real and doesn't live in Canada"

    "Why does everybody want to be #9?"
    "I'm never going to be #9 again, am I?"

    "Blogging to where they ain't"

    "I'd like my shit back from my trunk please!" The bat wielding revenge blog out for blood by Matt Antonelli

    "How to hide a body and get promoted all in one travel day." The starting 2nd baseman's blog

    "I'll never give up the location of the 2nd base" A Double Agent's blog for the Padres

    "Why do our games always 5 minutes past the hour?" An inquisitive blog by Matt Antonelli

  6. Happy Easter!

    I got 3 names for you:

    1. Hats for Matt's Bats (Major League reference)
    2. Bullet Proof Tiger Blog (East Bound & Down)
    3. DP Thoughts by Matt Antonelli (play off of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy)

    I really like the content on your site and think it would be cool if you had a weekly segment/contest. How bout doing a scavenger hunt where you hide an autographed ball or broken bat somewhere around town and give clues as to where they are.

    Looking forward to opening day on Thursday and will be cheering you on between beers down in the garden

  7. Now batting
    Now at the plate, Matt Antonelli
    San Diego or Bust
    Padres or Bust

    I really like the Peabody to Petco (or Portland for now)

    As for what I'd like to read: Hitting tips for youngsters. Q&A with teammates. A picture a day for a month. Non-baseball stuff, like books you read, shows you watch, pranks you play on your teammates.

  8. Thanks. Why don't you like where I am from? lol

  9. Yeah my hand was hurting a little I might miss a few days but hopefully not
    more than that...thanks for the idea I like it

  10. Thanks you too. And thanks for the name I am seriously thinking about using
    Peabody to Petco that is really creative

  11. Haha you put a lot of time into this. Thank you, they are really creative!

  12. Thanks for the ideas. I like the scavenger idea too. I think when I get to
    SD at some point that would be a cool thing to do. Maybe Ill try it in
    Portland too

  13. Hey thanks for your ideas. I think I might add all of your ideas to the blog
    I really like them all.