Thursday, April 29, 2010


I want to thank everyone that has sent me good luck wishes for quick healing of my hand over the past couple of days. In a few hours I will be heading over to the hospital to receive surgery to repair my broken hamate bone in my left hand. From what I hear, the recovery time for a surgery like this is six to eight weeks, but I am hoping I can recover quicker and get back out on the field shortly.

I also want to thank everyone for checking out my blog on a regular basis and spreading the news of my nerf basketball video. When Wade and I shot the video a few months ago we had no idea that it was going to be anything different from the usual videos I post on here. I knew something was off when I checked to see how many people had looked at it, and only two hours after it was posted the view count was around 10,000. Things only got stranger when I received an e-mail from ESPN asking if I would like to be on the show "First Take" to talk about the video. I can honestly say I thought one of my friends wrote the letter and was going to make me feel stupid when I found out I answered all his questions thinking I was on TV. I was told I would be receiving a phone call at around 7:45 a.m. so I woke up a few minutes early and went online to check their website for proof that I would be on the show. Luckily, I found my name on the "upcoming" list and could start to get focused. I want to thank ESPN for taking the time to show my video on there. I hope everyone enjoyed watching. Let me know what you thought!

First Take's Guests (Proof convincing me I was on the show)

NBA PlayoffsBrandon JenningsMilwaukee Bucks
NBA Playoffs: NuggetsBenjamin HochmanDenver Post
NFL DraftMarcus EasleyBuffalo Bills
NFLChris CooleyWashington Redskins
Stanley Cup PlayoffsMatthew BarnabyESPN
World CupBob BradleyTeam USA
Playing with TigerJim Rathburn, Kurt KimballQuail Hollow Pro-Am
Nerf HoopsMatt AntonelliSan Diego Padres
DoubleheaderTroy RenckDenver Post
Cover 2Charean WilliamsFt. Worth Star-Telegram
1st and 10Eric DavisFormer MLB player
1st and 10Bruce BowenESPN


  1. awesome video, hope you recover quickly. See you in Portland

  2. Glad they finally found the problem and hoping you have a speedy recovery.

  3. theodore_donald_kerabatsosApril 29, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    Sucks to hear about the hand, but at least now you know what the problem is and can get it fixed. We need you raking in Portland by the end of the year. Eck isn't gonna be around forever.

  4. That is a very funny video. I like the rebounding fundamentals the best.

  5. Nerf Hoops Star -

  6. How could they after all the X-Rays, MRI and everything, just now figure out it is a broken bone?

    I, for one, am not surprised that the video reached ESPN, after the first (couple) of viewings, I figured it was going to spread around the internet, it was just too funny. I sent the link to about 10 of my friends alone.

  7. Hey Matt, don't know if you've seen, but you made the power rankings too!!!

  8. I saw Wade downtown SD before he went into the park, and told him I saw it today....he seemed happy, and asked if I liked it. Good guy. great video, good times. Good luck with your recovery.

  9. That is awesome not just for Matt but the Padres (who were destined to be last place) is ranked at 8th and all they have to comment on is Wade and Matt's video.

  10. That is awesome not just for Matt but the Padres (who were destined to be last place) is ranked at 8th and all they have to comment on is Wade and Matt's video.

  11. Make sure you get a DJO Bone stimulator to help your hand heal quicker. You only have to wear it 30 minutes a day.

  12. You are young and presumably healthy so you will heal fast as it is. This stimulator will aid in your bone growth factors regenerating faster. You don't feel anything when you wear the device. If for some reason your insurane doesnt cover it, have the Pads purchase one from the local rep. Happy healing.