Friday, March 26, 2010


I've been busy the last few days so I know I am a few games behind. I'm going to do my best to try and keep the last few games straight and remember what happened during those days. On Wednesday we played a night game against the Seattle Mariners. I ended up coming in the game in the bottom of the 6th to play defense. In my one at-bat I drew a walk on a six or seven pitch at-bat and finished the game 0 for 0. Most of the game was a pitchers duel, but we pulled out the 2-1 win.

One thing a bunch of the guys on the team were wondering was why Ichiro is the only Japanese player with his first name on the back of his jersey? Does anyone know the answer for this? None of us could figure it out. I am pretty sure he is the only guy. If anyone can think of another player in the MLB that does this let me know. The guy can do whatever the hell he wants either way so it really doesn't matter, we were just curious.

In yesterday's game we played a day game against the Chicago White Sox. We ended up winning the game 5-3. I'm not really sure what our record is, but if feels like we have been winning an awful lot of games over the last few weeks. I didn't get a chance to play a whole lot in this one. I went into the game in the top of the 9th to pinch hit, and then went into the field at second base to finish the 9th. In my one at-bat I hit a line drive up the middle for a single. The ball ended up drilling the umpire in the leg causing a dead ball. It was the first time I have ever hit an umpire with the ball. I felt really bad and actually stopped running for a minute when I saw the thing hit him. For a quick second I actually thought I was out because he threw his hands in the air. That would be a pretty shitty rule by the way. I ended up getting a single, but got an RBI taken away from me. I still feel pretty bad about drilling the guy. That's gonna leave a mark.


  1. I think it is customary in Japan for ballplayers to display their first names on their jerseys. In the Japanese culture don't they say their name backwards, backwards to us. In Japan, Ichiro would technically be his last name. That is why Ichiro is on his jersey. I also think Yao Ming also used his first name on jersey.

  2. I had to look it up because I never actually thought about Ichiro having his first name on his jersey. So I had to go to wikipedia and look it up. Thanks Matt, just what I needed on a Friday night, research! :)

    It was during the 1994 season that he began to use his given name, "Ichiro" instead of his family name, "Suzuki" on the back of his uniform. Suzuki is the second most common family name in Japan, and his manager introduced the idea as a publicity stunt to help create a new image for what had been a relatively weak team, as well as a way to distinguish their rising star. Initially, Ichiro disliked the practice and was embarrassed by it; however, "Ichiro" was a household name by the end of the season and he was flooded with endorsement offers.

    Ichiro is noted for his work ethic in arriving early for his team's games, and for his calisthenic stretching exercises to stay limber even during the middle of the game. Continuing the custom he began in Japan, he uses his given name on the back of his uniform instead of his family name, becoming the first player in Major League Baseball to do so since Vida Blue.

    The more you know! Also, Vida Blue playued from 1969 to 1986.

  3. My wife says that in Japan your surname comes first. My theory is that you aren't allowed to advertise brand names on jerseys in MLB so that would be like free advertising for Suzuki

  4. Haha that's a lot of information...thank you though

  5. Hey charlie what's up? Yeah I'm pretty sure u are right, I think I've heard this before somewhere

  6. I looked it up, and there aren't any other guys who do that. How do you guys come up with that?