Thursday, March 18, 2010

GAMES 12, 13, 14 & OTHER STUFF

I'm sorry I haven't been able to write on here the last few days. I'm sitting in bed on our off day watching some NFL Network and I have no idea what game I am suppose to be writing about. It's amazing how I set my alarm today for 10:45 AM, the first day I am able to really sleep in late and I am still up at 8:30 AM.

Camp is really starting to wind down quickly as we have less than two weeks remaining of Major League Spring Training. Our roster has been cut down to around 45 players from the mid 50's or so that we started with. On Monday we had our first night game of the year against the San Francisco Giants. I'm going to have to take a minute and check on because I can't seem to remember what the hell the final score was for that game. I remember I went into the game around the 5th inning and played the last four. It didn't turn out to be a great game for me, but as a team we played really well, and that's all that really matters. Over the last few games our team has really started to play some good baseball, which is awesome as we move closer and closer to opening day. We ended up winning the game 7-1 after having one huge offensive inning and nine solid innings of pitching. I was 0-2 on the night.

The next morning we played the Angles. The great part about playing a night game is you finally get a morning that you don't have to wake up at 6 AM. The bad part about playing a night game is that you don't get to bed after the game until past 12 AM and you have to be up at 6 AM the next morning. That was the case when we played Los Angeles on Tuesday. For some reason I'm having a hard time remembering this game. When you get to this point of Spring Training and you've played every day since February 17, days start to blur together. I think we lost a really close game 4-3. I know I went into the game in the 5th inning to play second base. I ended up getting two at-bats again and went 0-2. It was the second game in a row that I didn't get a hit. I still feel really good at the plate, but sometimes that's just the way baseball goes.

Yesterday we played an away game against the Kansas City Royals. It was the first game this Spring Training that I didn't play in. I think I picked the wrong day not to play. We won the game 16-14, one of the highest scoring games I have ever been a part of. It felt like everything that was hit somehow found an open area of grass to land on. I wish there were some other funny things that happened to me during the game but I can't really think of anything.

Today we have an off day and I'll use it to get my body back to feeling really good after playing so many days of baseball in a row. I'll be heading into our complex in an hour or so to get a lift in and do a little bit of running and stretching. You would think that laying around and resting all day would make my body feel better than moving around and lifting some weights, but for some reason it doesn't work that way for me. If I were to sit in bed or watch TV all day today my body would be hurting tomorrow when I had to get running around again. By the way I just saw an interview with Jamarcus Russell on TV. He's driving in his car out of the Raiders complex around 5-10 MPH and some woman is asking question after question from outside the car. That lady needs a raise I didn't even hear her breathing heavy. I wonder why he didn't just stop. Also, I'll be on today at 2 PM Eastern 11 AM Pacific. I think I said that right. I used to always get confused when you'd be watching a commercial for an upcoming television show and they'd say the time in both Eastern and Central time. I don't know why it just confuses me. Anyways, if you want to check it out go to I'm not really sure what we will be talking about but I'm guessing baseball and this blog. If you want me to say anything special let me know I'll find a way to sneak it in.


  1. Dude, in your interview can you refer to your team as "the muscle tribe of danger and excellence?"

  2. Always, always try to give a shout out to Tupac and Biggy, when doing an interview. Rule #1.

    If anybody wants to see the interview of Jarmarcus Russell and the woman running beside the car, here is a link

    Is it a big adjustment for you Matt, having to all of a sudden switch to hitting and fielding under the lights? Especially after being in the sun for well over 2 weeks now.