Friday, February 5, 2010


What is it about Spring Training that makes it unlike anything else in sports. Maybe I'm way off here and non baseball fans are going to yell at me, and maybe it's just because I love baseball and play it for a living, but I feel like the start of baseball season is different from every other sport. At least once every single day, but usually much, much more than that, I will hear someone say, "I can't wait for Spring Training to get here!" It doesn't matter what month it is. It could be February 15, a few days before Spring Training starts, or it could be November 6, one week after the World Series ended. And it doesn't matter where I am. I could be in New England, San Diego, Arizona, Florida, it doesn't matter. You usually don't hear a ton of people say, "I just can't wait for football training camp to start", or, "when does the NBA pre-season tip off?" Spring Training is just unique from every other sport. I know I live in Boston where I haven't seen green grass in three months, so when you watch that first game in Florida or Arizona and see the warm weather and green grass it kind of pumps you up, even if it's still only 30 degrees and snowy outside. Whatever it is, I like it. Spring Training starts in a few weeks. Get PUMPED!
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