Monday, February 15, 2010


We woke up early to start our drive out of New York City and head for Kentucky, "God's country". Most of our trip consisted of traveling through the snowy mountains, really a beautiful view but not that great with a rear wheel drive car. Out of New York and into Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and then Kentucky. There wasn't much to see, or do, on our long drive down a two lane highway with not much of anything around. Hour after hour passed, and I kept noticing the same three things popping up mile after mile. McDonald's, fireworks stores, and Adult XXX books and videos stores. I couldn't help but stop for a Big Mac and super sized fry, but steered clear of the other two.

I wish there were more I could talk about, but the drive really was that boring. We were meeting family friends in Kentucky for dinner that night, so we didn't stop much. Eleven hours, pretty much straight through, only stopping for gas and drive-thru. We pulled into Lexington, Kentucky around 8:00 p.m. I had totally forgot that the University of Kentucky was playing Tennessee that night in a big college basketball game. The directions took us right through downtown Lexington passed Rupp Arena. They love their college basketball down here. In Boston there isn't much college sports hype like there is down south, so it is always cool to be around that type of college sports atmosphere.

We hit about twenty minutes of traffic as everyone piled into the stadium just prior to game time. We continued on and were greeted by great people, an unbelievable home cooked meal, and a desert to die for, the world famous "cookie monster". It was exactly what we both needed after two days of fast food on the road. After eating and a bunch of laughs I was out like a light at 10:30. Sleep is good.

Day 3 - Arkansas
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