Monday, February 8, 2010


Wow, what an awesome game yesterday. It took the Saints a quarter to settle in, but once they did they outplayed the Colts for almost the remaining three quarters. I love watching the underdog pull one off like that.

As far as the commercials go I thought the first few of the night were pretty good, but overall I didn't think they were that outstanding. My favorite one was, "Keep your hands of my momma, and keep your hands off my Doritos. I watched that one about 10 times and kept laughing. Doritos did a good job this year.

I've already got some questions about my TV and if it stayed on all night long. I actually didn't get to watch any of the game on it. It wouldn't stay on for more than 30 seconds at a time. They finally decided to ship us a new projector, thanks to our 12 e-mails, 28 phone calls, and numerous messages. I don't like to bother people like that or even cause too much confrontation, but when you buy something it should work for at least a little while without breaking. The new one was suppose to be here before the game but, big shocker, it wasn't. I'm thinking about buying a cardboard sign and picketing in front of his store with one of those catchy songs, something like...1,2,3,4, his TVs suck, don't buy from this @#&% bag. I'm not smart enough to make it rhyme but I think it still will work. If you have a better song let know, I will use it.

For the last few years I have been listening to my girlfriend tell me how she is a better skater than me. She figure skated when she was 12 and I played hockey until I went to college. We went public skating up at our local rink so I could put the debate to rest once and for all. She was actually pretty good, but I reminded myself of a young Gretzky out there. I even made her this highlight video so she would never forget. Only three kids were injured during the filming. (Just kidding) That's what happens when you step on the tracks when the trains coming through. I was in THE ZONE.

P.S. We might have been the only people over six years old on the ice. And no, I didn't have a helmet on.

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