Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just can't seem the figure out what the hell is going on with electronics in today's world. You would think since its 2010 things would work better today than they did say back 15 years ago. I'm not so sure that's the case. I'll give you three quick examples. It started off a few days ago. It was the night of the national championship game between Texas and Alabama. I turned my attic into my "man cave", a little sports room with a good TV and eight chairs where we can watch the Pats games on Sunday's and some movies during the week. Well, I wanted to watch the game and my sister, who is two years younger than me, wanted to watch a movie. After arguing for a quick minute we decided I got the TV since it was a big game and I had friends coming over. She decided to watch her movie on my XBOX 360 which is downstairs. Anyways, five minutes into the game my television shuts off. I turn it back on and five minutes later it goes off again. The process repeated like eight times before it stayed on for good. It's 2010 TVs shouldn't be shutting off. It's not like the TV is old I bought the thing three years ago.

The next morning I woke up and went downstairs to play some NBA 2k10 on my XBOX. I turn the thing on and three red rings show up on my console. I have heard about this before but never had it happen to me. Turns out my XBOX shit the bed and I have to send it in to Microsoft for them to fix. Remember in the "old days" when your Nintendo wasn't working? All you had to do to fix it was blow into the cartridge or smash the game against the wall and bang it was fixed. In 2010 you got to package the system up and send it back in. I probably won't get the new one back until the all-star break.

Since I couldn't watch TV upstairs and now couldn't play XBOX I went to jump in my car to run some errands. I started my car and the check engine light is on. I only have 18,000 miles on the thing so I don't know what the hell it could be. I opened up the glove box and read the stupid manual they give you with the car. It says if the check engine light is on you can't ride the car more than ten miles or the car may go into "shut down mode" preventing you from going anywhere. My car has now been sitting in my garage for two weeks. Sweet.


  1. any chance your sister drove your car?

    Lets Recap.

    Sister wanted to watch TV, and you denied her. Then oddly enough the power went off on the TV, repeatably. hmmm

    Sister used X box. X box broken.

    Sister used Car?

  2. haha...don't worry I already brought that up to her lol...Lets say that it wouldn't surprise me if she had driven the car earlier that day