Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was sitting around yesterday when I decided to take a quick look at the newspaper sitting on my kitchen table. I browsed around for a few minutes before I stumbled upon the Police Log. I rarely read newspapers, but when I do I never read the police log. That is until now. I will now make sure to check it out anytime I have the paper available to me. I can't believe the weird stuff that is going on around me. This stuff cannot be real. I could probably fill this whole blog with outrageous stories from the log but because of time constraints I'll limit it to only two.

The first one I read goes as follows:
Resident called police to report someone from ******* was coming to his town to shoot him with a gun. Officers advised the caller to seek complaint in his town or he could come to the department to file a complaint.

I'm sorry, I hope this guy didn't end up getting shot, but it made me laugh when I read it.

The second one I read was my favorite:
Caller reported a man came to her door asking if she wanted to buy a $25 steak for $3. She declined the offer and the man got into a pickup truck and left the area.

What was this lady thinking? That's the best deal I have ever seen. That's like 90% off. Not even my grandmother, who has every coupon book in the world, could find a deal this great. If I happen to strike gold and this guy knocks on my front door tomorrow I'm buying 500 steaks, opening up a Ruth's Chris, and making straight cash homey.
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